ncaipics: @Homewrecker_ @FreyaManslayer @ReduxxMag I have no…

I have no problem with people living their lives happily.What i do have a problem with is an aggressively misogynistic and homophobic movement that lies, bullies and rewrites history, one that freely attacks anyone who disagrees with them including many trans people. — Red XIII 🔻 (@ncaipics) September 4, 2022 Source:ncaipics: @Homewrecker_ @FreyaManslayer @ReduxxMag I […]

Workplace Nightmare: My Boss is MAD at me for my Not Working Hard Enough With A Disability | Worst Bosses Stories

From: Workplace Nightmare Previous Video – 00:00 – was gifted a sock as my yearly bonus (u/itstinyrick86) 00:42 – my boss was mad at me sitting on the job with a broken foot (u/hestolemysmile) 02:20 – my boss forced me to work Thanksgiving and Christmas after saying I didn’t have to (u/frenzzzykid) 03:27 – […]