Faraz28706835: @BillSparow1 @antonioguterres #Armita_Abbasi it’s…

#Armita_Abbasi it’s been over 50 days since Armita was arrested for literally no reason by the islamic republic regime. her health is in serious problem and there was sings of rape when she was taken to hospital stand by the people of Iran before it’s too late😢#IranProtests pic.twitter.com/M5C1bkuCGo — 👑اسنایپ 3 🆘️ (@Faraz28706835) November 12, […]

Hot News: Mum 'living under siege' from giant rats and drug addicts smoking crack on doorstep – Mirror Online

From: Hot News A mum claims her home is under siege with a combination of giant rats inside and anti-social behaviour outside.The woman, from Dublin, who asked not to be named, says she can’t sleep properly because she can hear rats scratching in her room during the night.And she worries that one of her three […]