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Albert vs The Asylum | Monster (Asylum ripoff of Cloverfield...

From: Human Echoes

Cloverfield was a big deal when it first came out. There were trailers with almost no information (not even a title when the first trailer came out) and an insane ARG which included hints about a soft drink company called Slusho of all things. The Asylum’s Monster has none of those things. What it DOES have is a title that tells you exactly what the movie is about. Sure, the titular monster appears on screen for all of thirty seconds total in the movies hour and a half long runtime, but it’s definitely about a monster.
Sarah Leiving shows up in this one, which is always a treat. She hasn’t been in any Asylum stuff recently which makes me sad, because she always brings a certain amount of gravitas to even the cheesiest films. Found-footage, improvised lines and NO sound equipment. If you like the sound of that, then Monster is the movie for you. .

Source: Albert vs The Asylum | Monster (Asylum ripoff of Cloverfield)

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