Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

AustinMcConnell: Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

From: AustinMcConnell

Printer companies are ripping us off, and it’s high time we did something about it. Join me in starting the revolution.

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  1. Hi. I wrote a book that has nothing to do with this video. It's on sale now.

  2. And now corporations screaming to save environment and blame people for ruing the planet! Scam scam scam…. In every word they say and every action they do

  3. You won't F# beleave i spent 4 hours figuring out what's worng with my F# canon F# Pixma F# g300p and bought a ton of Sht components to fix it. And the end result — the new components stopped working and the stuff that was working also stopped. Just to fill the tubes will color i had to buy all the F# 3 colors twice and still short of them. Finally, I found a similar 🔨 and rest beacame history.

  4. I have watched whole video yet still great that you used safety glasses. No matter how tiny work you must do. You may think this is boring stuff, but – most exciting thing after I was even not drilling, but used compressed air to clean machine after work was when painkillers injected to eye stopped working between two of three attempts to remove rusting fillings from my eye. o_x

  5. The cartridges cost more than the printer that came with cartridges. I'd buy a new printer Just for the cartridges but they discontinued it in the same year I bought it. What a scam.

  6. me on my way to print a very important document
    Ok print this.
    you're out of magenta

    but it's black and whi-
    I SAID MAGENTAA NOW * points the gun at my family, holds them hostage*

    ok ok I beg which one??
    The most expensive one, we eating good tonight

  7. Not only do printer manufacturers rip off consumers but also waste resources and degrade the environment. There ought to have been laws against these obvious abuses decades ago, but legislators go on conniving for their fat-cat, capitalistic pals.

  8. Was sick of all the money I wasted over the years on cartridges. Ended up buying a laser printer. A proper "cartridge" for the laser one is expensive to start off with, but gets a lot of use. One year + later I am still using the original cartridge (after the small amount you get at the beginning. As I don't use colour, it has been a great investment.

  9. i hate hp printers due to this. when i was in high school, i bought a printer. i had to replace the cartridges every 6 months. i ended up made them filled in some small tech shop several times. after 2-3 years later, its paper pick roller started drifting. since then, this brick still resting under my couch.

  10. Funny how I just came accross your Video. I had been very frustrated with the inkjet printers for years due to the fact that you had to constantly replace the colour cartridge eventhough most times I would print in black. I said to my husband that I would go and purchase a Laser printer but not one that prints in colour. When I got to the store and was looking for the laser printer that I wanted there was an elderly man asking the sales guy a bunch of questions and pointed out that he had enough of inkjet printers. Long and behold I ended up in the conversation and told the sales person that that was one of the reasons I was wanting to purchase a laser printer but one that only prints in black. I asked him however about the colour laser printer and he explained that you can actually turn your colour off and turn it on when you need it and the toners can last up to 2 years before you have to replace them (if you haven't used the colours that is). However to ensure you get a good one, purchase the Brother Laser as other companies started making laser printers but they are full of issues as well. I tell you that was a day where I was really educated lol. I have had the laser printer for a week now and I tell you I will never go back to an inkjet, yes the toner is more expensive but boy oh boy, your prints are of better quality and it just spits it out in seconds.

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