This is why these Women CHEAT?And what they do after...

CampusWithSharkboy: This is why these Women CHEAT?🤦🏾And what they do after CHEATING!

From: CampusWithSharkboy

In this video, I asked ladies why they cheat on their partners. I also asked if they will hide it from their partner or tell them after cheating.
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Source: This is why these Women CHEAT?🤦🏾And what they do after CHEATING!

29 thoughts on “CampusWithSharkboy: This is why these Women CHEAT?🤦🏾And what they do after CHEATING!

  1. and they are bold sleeping around just because someone cheated on you with another. my sister, you are doing yourself dirty by having sex with different men. just leave when the relationship isn't working.

  2. I don't see why women find it hard to understand
    Guys are objective creatures, we set an aim,we go get it, then move to the next aim, aside from regular maintenance, you not going to get his full focus again Cuz he has other shit to achieve, if you feel you can't wait for him aaa, leave errrr, y you dey try distract brotherman with nonsense such consistency, when you do research on a car, make and offer n buy it,do you keep buying the car or you take it home, drive it and do regular maintenance…. Some of you be smoking weed… You want him to put you, the organism that can get up and leave at any time just because of "I feel like, I feel" feeling champions, you want someone's son to make you his only aim n focus in life 😂😂😂… N when he makes you his sole focus in his life n his progress starts to dwindle in comparison to other men particularly your friend's boyfriends, you this same woman go talk shit, torment him or worse off dump his asss…. If you are a guy n you dey read….acquiring a wife is one of the great achievements in life but not your only one…. Masa, if you can't play the role of a partner, just say so n stop talking all this nonsense, most of you all these girls are emotionally immature, you follow every whim n impulse n wonder y you miserable, some of you selfish as fuck, especially when in relationships…. "me, my that, me, me me me" Me gang mo nie…. What's worse koraaa is most of you can't think for yourselves and just follow trends… Copy and paste characters nkoaaa… No original tot, some celebrity says Ashawo season sooo u follow…. Waaa look n you want someone's son to come follow you the aimless one 😂😂😂….. If you are hurt by anyone of this….. Hihi…. "It is what it is"-another trend that 😂😂…. Nkwasiasem sei

  3. I love this, it’s my first time and I’m definitely gonna subscribe. What kills me are those short interlude videos, they’re done so on point.

  4. 40 & Single….. They don't understand the consequences of their choices and them being MARRIED!!!


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