Coinbucker fraud sites and fraudsters. : Scams

Coinbucker fraud sites and fraudsters. : Scams

As I changed from the Coinbuck site to the Coinbucker site, I was so distressed by the fraud for about 4 months.
I first became suspicious of this site, but it was too late.
I received a lot of advice from other victims here.

I will notify as many places as possible and report them.

I was also notified of the fund freeze, and I didn’t put any more money in with the help of reading here. However, Coinbuck’s site was not accessible today. I submitted the fraud to IC3 a few weeks ago. How can I know the results?
And I also reported it to
How can I know the progress of this place? Do they notify me?

I asked him what he does for a living and he told me that he runs his own Restaurant, gym and also invest in cryptocurrency. Even when I showed him a scam article, he said it had nothing to do with him and avoided answering, saying he was busy with other projects. Then eventually blocked me. And the Coinbuck site has become unavailable. I’ve checked with another friend’s phone that he’s still using the number, but there’s nothing more I can do.

It also discloses the fraudster’s FB and IG account phone number.
Chen Xuedong/ +1 209 232-7666

Source:Coinbucker fraud sites and fraudsters. : Scams

Discovered on: 2021-12-22 10:15:06

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