Bitch I Smoke Crack

CrittaThaADDict: Bitch I Smoke Crack

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The new hit by Critta Tha ADDict characterized by pictures. Album available everywhere.

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42 thoughts on “CrittaThaADDict: Bitch I Smoke Crack

  1. This shit is stupid as fuck what the hell is wrong with you people the song isn't even funny you guys are society is fucked 😂

  2. I dropped a video that I was able to monetize called "Bored" It won't bore you, I promise. Check it out!

  3. I rather stick 2 powdered cocaine and canibus. Hmm Alyssa Milano smokes crack? She is one hot crack user

  4. Muufuckas be talkin shit. 6 digit club. Only thing they have a hundred thousand of is cockroaches! Buy my shit! Harassment By Electronic Communication available on iTunes and Google Play, Rhapsody, or Tidal or whatever you use, it's there. Except Pandora. I don't know why Catapult Distribution isn't fuckin with Pandora. Fuck it. Buy my album so I can take this further!

  5. your lyrics are excellent and i especially never ask me the question if the person who made that was taking or not drugs. but the lyrics and the video montage is really an excellent job. Am sadly far away of a millionaire, i would like give u a 50 $ as a principle i used a part in a video, sorry for my bad english cuz am frenchy

  6. This is good. Creative. It does have a message. Maybe not for the layman. But if you get it, you'll understand.

  7. A lot of people are still too stupid to see the obvious message behind this song. The main character is broke, manipulative, a thief, lazy and ends up homeless. Either you're so stupid that you think I am glorifying the life of a crack head or you are just smart enough to realize I'm not a crack head but then you get all emotional because I'm being insensitive and making fun of people with a life destroying addiction. How many people can actually see this for what it is? It's a damn public service announcement! It always has been! Happy 100,000 views by the way. Get the full album Harassment By Electronic Communication on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or any other digital store and streaming service other than Pandora. Yes I'm on Tidal too. I mean everything but Pandora. I Heart Radio, Rdio, Apple Music, eMusic, Deezer, Spotify, Rhapsody, and every two bit, fly by night digital store with a basic music hookup. I went through the trouble to put it out. If you want to see me do more then please support me by buying something. I can even get paid off of YouTube views but not on this video because of all the copyrighted images I used.

  8. The album that this song is on is finally finished and available everywhere! It's called Harassment By Electronic Communication! Get it now! Here's the iTunes link!

  9. I understand how confusing this must be. I guess if you listened to more of my music you would understand me as an artist. My music is not egocentric. I like to assume different characters and tell stories. Most of all I just like to be entertaining.

  10. I tried it a few times and I grew up around crack heads. I make music that I want to hear. One day this song just popped into my head and I started writing it.

  11. I like that song and I have two brothers that smoke crack and a older sister I'm about to let them know about this music so every time thay smoke crack they could listen to this music maybe that will help them feel good about they self

  12. Long as the men&women have sexual partners with this rock COCAINE,they'll be fine💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  13. Wow um o.o I don't know what to really say about this song its pretty funny though it made me get reminded of some certain crack heads I've known in my lifetime who were straight up fiends for the rock lol.

  14. Thanks everyone for viewing and passing it on, now you can find me on iTunes with my new single "I Wish You Were a Hoe!" only 99cents!


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