Welcome to Plathville's Kim Plath Arrested for DUI

Entertainment Tonight: Welcome to Plathville's Kim Plath Arrested for DUI

From: Entertainment Tonight

Kim Plath, star of TLC’s ‘Welcome to Plathville,’ has turned herself in on a warrant reportedly issued for drunk driving. The arrest in Florida comes months after Kim and her husband, Barry, announced their split. She revealed in an episode on the reality series that she’s decided to begin drinking.

Source: Welcome to Plathville's Kim Plath Arrested for DUI

36 thoughts on “Entertainment Tonight: Welcome to Plathville's Kim Plath Arrested for DUI

  1. How hypocritical can she be. She is doing now what she forbade the children to do ALL THERE LIFE with a lot of punishing and with all the control. You never should have to hide normal things because they are scared to be punished. One little example of her as a hypocrite: she has here sweater neck line now almost over the shoulder in de series and in the police photo you can see a smaller neckline. This would be punished when the kids would do that . And she is still married. So what will be her choice after this all happens because she hurt her husband so bad and the children even more. She made all her bad choices herself so awareness for what she has don is maybe the first step.

  2. Hope she gets some therapy. She had a traumatic childhood, married young had a bunch of kids. Then her and her husband raised them super strict. Everyone comes down on her but Barry is no angel and creeps me out.

  3. She became what she spent all of her life avoiding. I'm not even surprised tho, when you live such a strict lifestyle, you tend to spiral.

  4. This is prime example of why legalism is not God. Legalism is this, can't cut your hair, wear pants, preach if you are female, be a stay at home mom to 10 billion kids. She is craving freedom from such oppression. Becomes cult like. I don't recall Jesus saying you must do all these things to enter heaven. My hair is short, I wear pants each day to theboffice and I have zero children and I minister all the time. I believe Jesus is the Christ, I have been baptized by water and then by fire of the Holy spirit. This is salvation according to Jesus in His conversation with Nicodemus.

  5. the nicest thing I can say about kim is she has brilliant children. they've had to do a lot of their learning on their own. her "my way or the highway" selfish behavior doesn't jive with the law.

  6. I just can't see her just out of the blue to start drinking I bet she has been drinking since before the show started but That's just my opinion

  7. You mean to tell me that she put all her kids, especially the older ones through hell, just do go out and drunk drive??? A person that quotes the Bible on the daily? Now all these yrs later, even after treating her daughter in law like garbage for drinking….she’s saying “oh your dad didn’t let me drink, we’re separating!” How dumb and sad for the kids! This is decades wasted of moving away from society to keep the kids away from TV, the Internet and alcohol! SMH

  8. In the first episode of WTP she said her mom was an alcoholic and she wanted something different for her kids. And if Ethan and Olivia had alcohol at their wedding none of her guests on her side wouldn't come to the wedding. Oh how the tables have turned.

  9. Both her and the children's father need to be investigated for a whole bunch of things.
    They have both mentally abused their children.
    You can see it within those children.
    Feel sad for all those children.

  10. I love it when Christian’s mock the Bible as if God’s way isn’t fun, like if u think a better life is out there than what God prescribed ur sadly mistaken, u can have tons of clean fun without the drinking, the tattoos and stripclub, a life free of dui’s free of stds and no tattoo laser removal sounds pretty awesome to me.

  11. NO SUGAR ,NO SODA, NO ALCOHOL. NO TV, NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCES. THIS is some bs. I.knew that whole family was wack. Especially that dam mama. Making everybody suffer. For what??? What happens in the dark. Will always Come to light💯

  12. I have a feeling that the reason Kim was so stifling and controlling toward the kids is because she knows that inside she's completely out of control. She needs God for real, not just as a facade for her ego.

  13. Wow. I do not know these people personally, but the way Kim has been behaving in the show (scripted maybe?) And now this DUI. Suggests a midlife crisis.

  14. No, he should not be "friends" with her, he supported her his whole life, did everything for her she wanted, and then she turns around and pisses it all away and destroyed his world, and throws it in his face. This nice guy is finishing last. the thing is he'll probably find a new younger woman and then she's going to be upset at him and ask "why didn't you chase me!"

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