Ricegum Responds to FaZe FIRING Kay "If You Tryna Scam Hit...

Esports Talk: Ricegum Responds to FaZe FIRING Kay “If You Tryna Scam Hit My Line”

From: Esports Talk

Ricegum reacted to the news of FaZe cutting ties with Kay by inviting him to call him up for some more scams.

Ricegum, along with formerly FaZe Kay, is known for pushing a lot of cryptos that have been labeled pump and dump scams. In fact, they were both ambassadors for the disastrous SaveTheKids crypto currency scam, and Ricegum himself was called out as a major culprit behind the pump and dump along with Kay.

So when Ricegum found out on stream that FaZe had fired Kay, you would expect that he might be worried about what could happen to him. Instead, Ricegum basically admitted to the scams, and invited Kay and others to hit his line if they were down for more crypto scams.

While Ricegum doesn’t have to worry about an org cutting him, he does have multiple sponsors who might be concerned that their brand ambassador is apparently admitting to and promoting crypto scams. Not to mention the huge fines or possible jail time that he could be facing if the FTC or SEC decide to investigate his admission of scamming.

And it’s not just Ricegum at risk…this kind of admission and invitation on stream to the ex-FaZe Kay could also put him in the firing line for big fines and even jail time himself.


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Source: Ricegum Responds to FaZe FIRING Kay “If You Tryna Scam Hit My Line”

23 thoughts on “Esports Talk: Ricegum Responds to FaZe FIRING Kay “If You Tryna Scam Hit My Line”

  1. Ironic considering Ricegum is involved with this and is trying to act all suprised like he innocent and blameless. Why are you commenting and reviewing your own crime.

  2. How did someone like ricegum even make it this far in life? Seems like a dude who dropped out in the 5th grade.

  3. What's funny is that's what every single person that deals wit crypto or stocks does pumps and dumps. When I buy a crypto I tell everyone I know about it and tell them to buy which is pumping and when it gets high enough to my liking I dump do I call everyone I told about the crypto before I dump no does anyone??

  4. Anyone hating on rice needs to get a job ong go get your bread instead wasting time hating on someone you don’t even watch or know. People love wasting their time and energy to hate on someone lol. 😂

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