Everything NEW about Warzone's New Ricochet Anti-Cheat!

Expel: Everything NEW about Warzone's New Ricochet Anti-Cheat!

From: Expel

Everything NEW about Warzone’s New Ricochet Anti-Cheat!

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0:00 More Hackers In Season 6
1:27 Call Of Duty Anti Cheat
6:54 Console Hacks
7:43 Coronus Zen
8:01 How Effective Is The Anti-Cheat
9:33 How Long Will The Ant-Cheat Last
11:00 VPN
15:55 How Many Streamers Will Be Banned
18:00 Is There A White List
18:35 How To Determine If Someone Is Good Or Cheating
19:40 New Cheater Accounts

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Source: Everything NEW about Warzone's New Ricochet Anti-Cheat!

30 thoughts on “Expel: Everything NEW about Warzone's New Ricochet Anti-Cheat!

  1. How do you feel about the upcoming anti-cheat?
    It will be nice to have no more videos about cheaters on the channel LOL
    Note: Most of this video was recorded before the information of a Kernal level anti-cheat being produced. It was based on previous discussion.

  2. My biggest argument for VPN is that my friends range from a .9 k/d to a 3.0 k/d… Bringing in my .9 friends just sets them off. They can't have fun. If COD needs SBMM, create a ranked mode. Keep SBMM out of regular lobbies, make it random.

  3. because a lot of streamers are blatant hackers and cheaters, hiding 3rd monitors, whitelisted and so on. So blatant.

  4. Very exited about anti cheat, last night played payloadand there was a guy that keeps folowing me and he only get head shots, pistol , sniper and his AK, game would be more fun without these people cheating

  5. To Expel or chat, if you had to guess, what percentage of warzone players are cheating?

    I never used to notice much suspicious s*** but it honestly feels like every game I play now is full of cheaters. Either that or everybody got really cracked all of a sudden

  6. Iv been saying this for months just make 2 Version of the warzone experience, You have to Purchase a copy of Call of Duty MW/CW/V and it has to be linked to your account, or you have a Free version of warzone with limited levels you can get on your weapons, no battle pass seasonal weapons only base MW/CW/V weapons. There's no way a cheater is going to Buy 1000s of accounts to keep getting banned, I know they are probably the worst people in the world because instead of trying to get better the decide to be scumbag or weak because other people are cheating, but financially they wouldn't pay the premium price to have everything unlocked for that long.

  7. im thinking maby there will be like 5-10% of streamers getting banned, mostly those no name streamers that are clout hungry and using cheats to try n get a name for themself, the other 90-95% prolly legit

  8. expel is always exceling in the most amazing content please keep it up! I'm new to your channel but I've watched hours of you and you keep me laughing and learning!! the only problem is….. I wish I found your channel sooner!!!!!!!

  9. But there will still be cheaters tho because of cronus zen, its a unfair tool cause not everyone uses it nor do they want to. Using cronus zen and all that is cheating people. Dont care what you say.

  10. Anti cheat can’t come quick enough. Played clash last night and a guy with an iron sight Kar98 was just quick scoping the whole team from the back of the account. I sort of agree with VPN’s, however it obviously is frowned upon, as they are banned in most tournaments. I would have no problem with the SBMM system, if it worked. If you look at the average KD, I’m normally around that average, then you look at the players, and the range is ridicules, I had a player with a KD as high as 9 and a player as low as 0.3. When your KD matches the average, it’s bad, as that means 50% of the lobby are better than me. The top 10-20% ranked in the lobby, kill 90% of the lobby, which makes a mockery of the BR experience, the crappy players are there just to make the numbers up.

  11. maybe not but controller mods are the biggest issue IMO and You can tell in most cases the difference between lag and Unnatural movements like for instance I was in a game yesterday on another FPS and A guy took a burst rifle and hit me with 4 bursts in less than 2 seconds soon as I respawned I picked up the same rifle and tapped the trigger as fast as a could stiil was a 2 second delay between bursts
    also when your live and call someone out for cheating and they immediately leave game that is kind of a dead giveaway

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