Rapper ‘Blueface’ arrested in connection with Las Vegas...

FOX5 Las Vegas: Rapper ‘Blueface’ arrested in connection with Las Vegas shooting

20 thoughts on “FOX5 Las Vegas: Rapper ‘Blueface’ arrested in connection with Las Vegas shooting

  1. Bruh.. how yall kids so dumb? Makes it out the hood instantly goes and shoots someone.. you aint gotta do all that. You rich now. Put the gun up and stop actin like a thug. You got money, get you a suit and buy some businesses

  2. Blueface you were one of the most kind hearted beautiful spirits…he came down to Skid Row,gave money and advice away,he made sure my peers had something,he has an amazing restaurant and he's an amazing father…. he's biggest mistake is to hook up with Chrisean, she's toxic ASF,her a drug addict who promotes it, can't sing nor dance and her face looks like a bulldog for real fr,I use to think she has an amazing talent, she was very athletic she was beautiful just a year ago now she looks like trash she sounds like trash she thinks that hitting a man is great she thinks that's love and it's not that's gross….she's nothing to watch nor listen too she's a waste of time and that fake show they out together is dumb as she is…. I'm praying that Blueface gets away from her and continues to be the great father that he is and he remembers that people on schedule looks up to him… Blueface has alot to offer others who have real talent…like me,I'm a Writer,I'm from Skid Row I have been in several movies,I can definitely sing,I'm an amazing actress and I'm ready to write my book….I'm proud of the Jewish Community,they have helped me when nobody else cared!!

  3. Is this cause by a secret conspiracy to make us kill each other, no its just him being ignorant and totally his own self destruction.

  4. Lol!! Give me a few million. I would change from the hardest cat on the block, into a humble mouse with all the cheese!!!!!

  5. Dumb 😅 come on man you Famous can’t go around shooting people thought no one was going to Recognize you o boy Shit a couple grand out yo pocket No one would of ever see this guy again

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