Geometry Dash's Biggest Cheater Was Finally Caught

Karl Jobst: Geometry Dash’s Biggest Cheater Was Finally Caught

From: Karl Jobst

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A huge cheating scandal has shocked the Geometry Dash community. This is a very interesting story and there are a lot of lessons to be learned. Make sure to go check out the vids below too:

The Impact of SpaceUK Hacking:
The SpaceUK Hacking Situation:
Doggie’s video:

Thanks to @Alyntbh @syzzii @vulcanium4 @alexplaysgd @Zeronium @Zoink @Abyssoft for helping me research the game and story.

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Source: Geometry Dash’s Biggest Cheater Was Finally Caught

39 thoughts on “Karl Jobst: Geometry Dash’s Biggest Cheater Was Finally Caught

  1. There is a typo in this video. But don't let that distract you from the fact that you need to try out Drink CTRL, it tastes absolutely amazing and is healthy too. Get 10% off by using code KARLJOBST

  2. No longer surprising cases, if it happened with games like Minecraft or Super Meat Boy, and even older video game records (some from the 80's), then anything is possible.

  3. I clicked youtube expecting my bland same-old feed but I saw a geometry dash cheating video and i realised: today was different

  4. As someone who has spent nearly 20 months in this community, and has watched your content for years, this is quite the pleasant surprise to come home from school and see this

  5. Many times when I watch these videos I wonder how somebody can get away with cheating for so long, but this one just takes the cake.

    He got exposed for cheating, and not only did the evidence get ignored, but everybody also just sat back and watched without any suspicions for the next 1.5 years as he got completion after completion?

    Must have been so frustrating for Kolo to watch this all happen and just get ignored by the mods even knowing that he's right.

  6. Every time I see Karl Jobst video about exposing a cheater im almost SCREAMING of joy. Always so interesting and nicely narrated!

  7. The "you are wrong" comment represents people that believe they know everything about something, when they don't.
    In my opinion, this attitude doesn't help to uncover the cheaters and modified runs.

  8. As someone involved in this community for around 9 years I've seen many cheaters like Noobas, Andromeda, and Cyclic come and go and I have NEVER seen one so well received and welcomed back into the community like SpaceUK. Even Andromeda, who came back and beat everything legit took around an entire year off to let the situation cool down and reflect on himself in order to gain his trust back. I completely agree with what you said, SpaceUK should have just left or at the very least taken a year off like Andromeda before coming back to beat everything legit. Frankly, I can't ever see him as legit, even if he is beating the levels he hacked legit now, and I never will see him as legit. Awesome video as always

  9. It's crazy to see you uploading a GD video. I've been watching your videos for a good year+ and its so good to see you talking about this, and push out GD completions even more. Thank you so much for what you do!

  10. I saw the thumbnail and just assumed it was the developer. Some of the worst platform parity I've ever seen.

  11. The more attention to outsiders and unknowing gd players alike, the better, we should begin diverting it to 2.2 though

  12. Today is my birthday and a Karl video exposing cheaters is a great surprise present!

  13. This game is really easy to cheat in but if I'm being honest I don't know how no one managed to raise a single eyebrow from a guy who never streamed

  14. If you are already using software to generate a precise input pattern, why wouldn't you use software to generate matching clicking sounds?

  15. I hope that 'You Are Wrong' mod is no longer around. The community does not need people like that.

  16. literally just tell them that you cheated on everything. theyre gonna find out. youre gonna get caught. just tell them and stop the embarrassment.

  17. All cheaters want to be the next dReAm, get caught cheating but no consequences happen to you 😂😂

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