Arrest made after 2 high schoolers OD, 1 fatally

KTLA 5: Arrest made after 2 high schoolers OD, 1 fatally

From: KTLA 5

Police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the overdose death of a Bernstein High School student and the overdoses of several other students who survived, authorities announced Thursday.

Chris Wolfe reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Sept. 15, 2022.


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Source: Arrest made after 2 high schoolers OD, 1 fatally

26 thoughts on “KTLA 5: Arrest made after 2 high schoolers OD, 1 fatally

  1. Nothing new it's just getting younger the age. they got movies about this from the 80s they just set somebody up because they need to put the blame on someone

  2. Kids need to start making better choices DONT TRY TO BE COOL BE SMARTER people need to learn from this young soul R.I.P and prayers to the mother

  3. The seller better let go free he didn’t do nothing he just getting the bag these dumb bugs over here doing drugs at the age of 15 shoes the dummy

  4. Is this mom serious? Justice for her daughter ,??? Lady. Your daughter took money and BOUGHT the pills. Theres no justice here. And i dont think the seller should go to jail for life. Definitely jail time for selling but he didnt force the girl who died to buy it. SHE WANTED TO BUY IT stop blaming and accept your parenthood life.

  5. Middle and high school kids should only stick to weed pills are just not safe to mess around with plus they put holes in your brain look out for your safety. Say NO to pills

  6. only idiots start to take pain killer pills for fun . thats like taking adderall for fun or going to your moms drug cabinet looking for painkill pills.

  7. You gotta be wild to be snorting pills at 15 wtf . Whatever happened to smoking a joint at 15 or having a beer . Pills at 15 and breaking them down to snort it . Yeah I can’t have sympathy for that . Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  8. Once appointed to die !! the judgement … A bad way to go.. Dont be of the world are love the things of the world..

  9. The devil drug that comes from your country into ours!…. only to kill your loved ones. HOPE U YOUNG F***s appreciate your lives 😳

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