The Effects of Meth

Lee Nguyen Motion Design: The Effects of Meth

From: Lee Nguyen Motion Design

An anti-meth video tasked spread awareness and to discourage meth use. I created this video to aid an anti-meth campaign project for a university, and is for educational purposes. Graphics and effects were created in After Effects.

Song: “Bad Stone” by Crystal Method

Source: The Effects of Meth

44 thoughts on “Lee Nguyen Motion Design: The Effects of Meth

  1. It prevents…. "cough " covir'u1p9.. im not glorifying any nor leading astray… just know what come out the mouth defiles man.. etc..

  2. We can beat meth with our God given will power.Will power is all we need to break any drugs.If you don't believe I am the example 😆

  3. Alcohol is way worse to get over if you are truly addicted, it’s the lack of sleep and nutrition that makes meth dangerous.

  4. 10 years of my life gone and I have nothing to show, been 6 months clean now I’ve gain weight and I know I’m never going back.

  5. Been in recovery 3 1/2 yeard.
    I never did endure skin problems.
    However, i have permanent brain damage.
    The joyride high at the cost of neurological harm really isn't worth it.

  6. I’m so glad I’m over this stupid phase in my life. I couldn’t even see myself in the mirror I was so ugly and different looking it scared me….all bc I was in a toxic relationship. Never again .

  7. I use meth daily since may 2018, in august i went pro. I only 0.15g every morning only after breakfast before go to work. No bad effect on my job & people around me, no problem eating lunch, when i get home i can have dinner like usual. Most important i still get good/enough sleep every night. Sounds like im lying but thats the truth. My method worked. Why be hardcore when u can be friend with this drug. Peace.

  8. Just started 2020 im 17 years old and a senoir and so far im on 3rd month but i told myself i was gonna try it once and here i am fiending off the resin fuck my life biggest regret ever:/

  9. How do you get someone “unaddicted” to it??? Can the effects get reversed? How can I help someone overcome this?

  10. I started doing it bro but i want to know why it doesnt evento make feel happy it just makes feel more alert more aware but not that euphrioa everyone talks about oh dont mind the account name is my grilfriends.

  11. Well the more you do meth the more likely you'll get use to it, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. From there it won't have anymore affects you'll get use to it and you won't have the need to use or buy it anymore, but if you move on to a different level like blue Crystal, now that is going to fuck you up big time, I rather you still with white Crystal or weed, I recommend the weed

  12. I’ve been doing this drug everyday for bout 2 weeks then I run out and get more like a week later and I never go through with drawals or nothing it’s like my body don’t get addicted it makes me happy asf but I still eat and keep a happy mood but I do still tweak and stay up for around 2 days at a time but that’s not that bad

  13. I have done allot of drugs in my life (not saying that's a good thing) but I absolutely refuse to do this drug not even try it once. Not ever will I even try it not even once

  14. Honestly wouldn’t recommend it. Easily u can do it and if not the next day give it two days I can easily run 25miles etc etc. that stuff just made me so ridiculously horny and at an hour when no one was awake. Legitimately was just horrible since it last really for hours. 😂

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