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I (19M) just found out my crush (18F) cheated on her boyfriend with her x boyfriend and he was also in a relationship.

Me and my crush relationship is weird if u can even call it that.

she is my twin sisters friend and it’s not like i’m the creepy brother she told my sister she told my sister “your brother is really hot if i didn’t have a boyfriend i would definitely want to get with him” and yada yada and she’s the first girl i’ve thought was attractive in a long time. I’ve never really dated except cringy middle school relationships

we’re getting each other christmas gifts and stuff and we talk sometimes and her current relationship is terrible from what i hear. so if they ever broke up i probally could have seen us at least hanging out i guess

but when i heard that she cheated i not sure how i should i feel.

Yes i understand she is her on purpose and do what she will with her body but it almost feels like i got cheated on because know that i know she’s. a cheater i NEVER see myself dating her and she still hasn’t told her boyfriend about what she did

i have seen too many people get fucked over by cheaters and i don’t wanna make the same mistakes they did.

and on the other hand i’m usually caring and i’m not sure how and her current boyfriend relationship is but i think it’s fucked up she hasn’t told him as well. i heard she regretted it and threw up and cried when she did it so i don’t know if she made a mistake or did it because she’s in a rough relationship. and she has a lot of mental issues and will “delete herself” if finds out

i have been stressing out about this i have mouth sores and headaches like crazy since i found out about this.

do u think i’m acting weird or should i just mind my own business. if she ever breaks up should i not date her cause of her history of cheating or do u think it was a one time mistake. ihavent liked a girl in some years and if they opportunity does come and we date should i do for experience and what not or avoid that heart break?

i just feel terrible plz kelp 🙃

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