r/chessmemes – Come play chess with me and my friends tonight…

Sup guys,

I’m Arty, avid chess enthusiast from Toronto, Canada.

I built a platform over the last two years called wagermatch.bet. It’s a website where folks can link their LiChess accounts and play chess matches against friends and foes and earn WagerBucks and USD for gaming.

Check out our site, and come onto our Discord channel from there if you’re interested or have questions – I would love to connect with all of you and get your ideas/feedback on the platform and what it needs to grow.

Oh, and also, we’ve figured out how to solve cheating in chess – I know that’s a big statement and you’ll be like “KIK LOL that’s impossible stop trolling” but we can legitimately make a case that we are the safest place to play chess online without getting rekt by cheaters – we’ve put two years of thought into how to best tackle this problem and we think we’ve got it.

Anyways, come chill and chat, would love to meet some of yall and give you guys some free wagerbucks + cash to test out our platform with our friends who are already on risk-free.

Event starts at 8:00pm EST!!

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