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I get pleasure from seeing a previous partner suffer. We broke up over 4 years ago but have been following each other’s snaps for a while. The breakup was hard on me for reasons I won’t get into here but they had their reasons. What hurt (at the time) was finding out they left me for an abusive asshole. My ex then moved states to get away from the abusive relationship and got angry with me for a person I was dating at the time. It felt like they wanted me back but at that point I was beyond them. A few months pass and they get a new partner. Within 3 months they blow up and my ex is single again. Rinse and repeat for the last 4 years. Anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months their relationships lasted. All have either been with abusive people or cheaters. And I drink up their misery. I rarely talk to them but I do see all their snap stories. I know they see mine with my relationships I’ve had as well. They’ve seen some of the darker moments in my love life but for them it’s a steam of constant sorrow. All I think of when I see them post about how miserable they are is how good things could have been with me. A part of me thinks it’s good as they did try to manipulate me some and destroyed their future by following some person who makes hollow promises. I don’t fully like that a part of me feels this way but it’s not enough to reach out and help them either.

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