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Me(20) and this guy(20) that met on tinder have been dating exclusively for two months and everything is going well now, but before the one month mark we had a break up where I called it off because he had some character issues and lack of thoughtfulness but we got back together officially after three weeks, the issue is he slept with other people while we were trying to fix our issue. Yes we weren’t together but it’s still not a cool thing.

After talking we got back together but I told him we can go back to being exclusive after you get tested for STDs, so maybe he thought he could sleep with other people until he gets tested, which he never did. (even thought I told him not to because he needs to get tested). To clarify we were still talking and flirting everyday during our issue, meanwhile he casually hid the fact he slept with someone else (did it two times and was texting other people) but confessed later on. I don’t think it’s cheating because we are not official or exclusive apparently but I thought we were after a very brief talk (which happened a week after getting back together), maybe there was some miscommunication.

After everything was cleared up we got back to being exclusive officially and he’s the best and extremely loyal now, I feel safe with him. He is also getting tested for me next week. But I can’t help but resent him a little for going with other people while we were trying to fix our issue although technically he was super honest and we weren’t exclusive when it happened. Everything is so confusing. Should I still keep seeing him?

(I have never had a boyfriend before and wanted my first relationship to be perfect, I don’t want to look back at this in 10 years and think I lost my virginity to “cheater”)

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