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There is no getting around the fact the BSG does not want to spend the resources to fix the cheating problem on Tarkov. So I brain stormed what could be done to stop the bleed a bit. Cheaters usually get banned and just buy a new copy of the game. Furthermore they only get banned after they cheat extensively. With there still being no good active anti cheat that detects them before they do damage. . The worst hacking occurs on servers closest to Europe and Asia keep that in mind. Where because of promotions and other currency failures copies of the game only cost around $9-$13 but eod still costs $140(was 150)

My solution to the hacking problem is to create EOD only lobbies because that will be the only thing to slow these fuckers down a bit.

It won’t stop hackers/cheaters from buying old and unused accounts but eventually they will start to run out.

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Source:r/EscapefromTarkov – A BSG friendly solution to the cheating…

Discovered on: 2023-03-19 15:09:26

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