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Does anyone else feel like aggressive aimbot cheaters have grown in numbers because focusing on FiR loot is no longer a practical method of income for RMT?

Prior to flea market restrictions I feel like I rarely saw cheaters server wiping players and flying all over the place. (Maybe I was dumb and blind to it all cause I was just enjoying myself too much.) I only knew of basically invisible RMT cheaters who would vacuum loot and teleport to extract in peace.

After the flea market restrictions were put in I feel as if the RMT cheaters knew they couldn’t vacuum loot and drop slicks and igolnik on the flea for cash. They had to move on to new practical methods of income.

Enter: the hard carry RMT cheater. Aimbot, teleport, vacuum, and drop the dead player loot to their African game hunter customer who paid $20.

People, in majority, pay for the carry and/or high tier player loot rather than RMT flea trading.

I could be completely wrong but, thats why I wanna see what y’all think

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Source:r/EscapefromTarkov – What's big in RMT

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