r/ForzaHorizon - Is Forza Horizon 5 a good game? Yes, but...

r/ForzaHorizon – Is Forza Horizon 5 a good game? Yes, but…

It’s not because the game itself is good. It’s because everything else on the market is bad. It has no competition.

Forza Horizon 5 is in fact a terrible game run and managed by despicable people. We just can’t see it. It is because, like I said, it lacks competition. I will explain.A prominent FH5 Youtuber SepiSP4 recently released a video exposing the despicable people behind the scenes of Forza and the things they’ve done. This includes: unjusfied bans, not communicating with the players, ignoring the cheaters, collabing with shady and scummy “community leaders” like the PTG team and much much more. This is also what I discussed in a post I made about 4 months ago. How does this and the lack of competition correlate you may ask? Directly. The lack of competition means that the devs can do whatever they please and get away with it without any financial or other consequences. They know that they can pull off shady shit and people would eat it up, people would still play their game. Because there’s nothing better on the market today. Are Gran Turismo and NFS Unbound a good competition to Horizon? Of course not. GT is a competitor to Motorsport, and Motorsport is absolutely decimated by GT even with its screwed up in-game economy. NFS Unbound has been regarded as a failure judging by the recent reviews, lack of attention from EA, and overall inferior gameplay and content.PG and T10 had completely monopolized the modern arcade racing game scene and it is going to bite them in the ass in the long run. Hell, even Sepi said that ‘Forza Motorsport is getting destroyed by the competition while Horizon is dying by the lack of it’. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

In my aforementioned post I have stated that I don’t like where PG and T10 are going with Forza. I said that if they don’t change their approach to running and managing Horizon it will suffer the same fate as GTA Online and War Thunder. Well, I think this point of no return has been passed. In fact, I am no longer hopeful that FH6 is going to be good even if we have our wishlists fulfilled. I will continue playing Horizon of course but, like I said, that is because there’s nothing else on the market.

Please note that I am not trying to hate on Forza and the devs. I am simply trying to ring in every bell possible because I really like Forza and I legitimately want it to be better.But at this point I honestly doubt anything would change, it’s not like the players are gonna boycott Forza or anything.

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