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Long story short: 4 years ago a trading site I used was hijacked by russian hackers, when I logged on, lost my steam account for a few hours, until Steam Support helped me out. A few hours later got bombarded with game bans, I don’t know if the intent of the hackers was only to grief, but it seems like it, got banned from a few non-vac games.

Not long after I noticed the numbers of cheaters rising in my CS:GO matches, searched it a bit and game bans probably affect Trust Factor. Since then I did not play the game so much, still love the competitive scene and the nostalgia factor always bring me back to a new match, only for a few ones later noticing that half the players I play against or on my own side have game bans too, a few acting very strange and an even lower portion blatantly cheating (spinning and such)

Would really like to get back into it, now that I have more free time and work is not eating the majority of my time, but not in this low trust factor account.

Is purchasing Prime on a new account a possible fix for it? does anyone also have a similar problem? Is it worth getting back into the game or the game is just filled with cheaters and this trust factor issue of mine is just paranoia?

Ty all for the attention, sorry for any mistakes, not my mother tongue

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Source:r/GlobalOffensive – Low Trust Factor bounded account, is buying a…

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