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Today while my husband was sleeping I looked through his phone. He can be weird about me asking for his phone, it’s something we have fought about before because it seems shady to me so because I had a chance today I looked through it. I found the app “text free” hiding in his finance grouping apps on his phone hidden on the second page so you can’t see it unless you click in and swipe through. On the app I saw messages between him and random women asking how much for sexual things. There were also other texts with random people about selling his car during that time period.I read one message thread with a women before confronting him. With in the conversation they set up a place to meet (which was relatively close to where we live) and the time (a weekend i was out of town with friends). After taking pictures of these messages I went to confront him before I read more. He completely denied it and I walked away and when he came back i wanted to look at them again. I went to look and they were all gone and he said the app kicked him out and they were gone. His defense is that on this app multiple people share this number so it wasn’t him. to me it seems like too much of a coincidence. I don’t want to be married to a cheater but I am questioning myself so much already.

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