r/playrustlfg – Small v biweekly group lfm

-Be 24+ at least (We’re mostly in 30s)

-That being said we expect a level of maturity (no excessive toxicity, racism, etc)….Especially NO rage quitters.

-3000+ hours

-Shoot 125m+ with ak and tommy after update

-Plays throughout the week even AFTER Thurs-Sun (we play biweeklys)

-Ability to obtain VIP if necessary at wipe…coming in 8 hours late cause of q isn’t THAT helpful..

-No cheaters or sus shit

-Know most aspects of the game (able to build, fly, etc) without dc or issues. Looking for actual non schlubs that have fun with rust and aren’t liabilities.

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Source:r/playrustlfg – Small v biweekly group lfm

Discovered on: 2023-03-31 21:53:26

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