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Ndad and I (25F) had a major disagreement and it turned messy. In short, he wants me to listen to him and marry someone he approves of while I want to be with my boyfriend (who is well educated and settled but not from the same culture as us). He is now giving me the silent treatment and gathering others in the family to also stop talking to me or explain to me why ndad is right.

I feel very guilty because he happened to tell his younger brother that he is very hurt because of what I am doing. He is also going around telling everything I am a β€œcheater” because I planned things from 7 years ago (which is absolutely untrue since I met my boyfriend 3 years ago) and he is linking absolutely independent events to spin a story that makes me seem like an evil calculative person.

I am very pissed but very angry as well. I was hoping I could reach out to you guys on some support to get through this silent treatment I am being put through. Thank you in advance.

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Source:r/raisedbynarcissists – How to mentally stay strong through…

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