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My boyfriend and I (late 20s) need perspective.

He has been cheated on by most, if not all, of his exes. Trust is a big deal to him. I am not a cheater and have never been cheated on.

We’ve been together for a year. Occasionally I have men in my DMs that I’ve known for a long time (some 13+ years). I make sure they all know I’m in a relationship, the conversations are strictly platonic, and I never initiate the convos. If i was single, the conversations would go pretty much exactly how they do now. He feels like I should not be entertaining them because it opens up the possibility of them taking it further and they probably are interested me in some way, but I almost think it’s rude not to reply in some fashion. I am willing to run the risk of being rude, but I don’t think it’s a healthy precedent to set in the relationship that I just can’t converse with any other men. Advice?

TL;DR: boyfriend doesn’t like me platonically talking to other men I knew before him but I think it’s because of insecurities from his past

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