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**TL;DR;** : Should I approach my Girlfriend?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well and thanks for helping me out in advance.

So here is the story… Over Six Months ago, my girlfriend and me were sitting at the dinner table and she told me of this boy who we will call Frank.

Frank used to text my girlfriend and had done for a long time before this conversation arrised, they were friends and she and him would just chat here and there, he actually asked If i wanted a discount voucher for something me and my gf had done together – so I was included in the conversation from time to time, which made me relaxed and gave me no reason to act negatively.

Until one night at the dinner table she told me how this girl had told my girlfriend that she went on a date with Frank and Frank only kept on talking about her in a romantic way and would not stop going on about her.

My girlfriend raised this with me and let me know that she was blocking him, which she did – they used to talk on snapchat and I did not ever see his name pop up again and his likes dissapeard from her instagram, she did the right thing and i had no reason to doubt her at all.

I do also remember openly saying that I do not mind that Frank had said this and I did not care if she blocked him or not ( I did, but I did not want to make it out like it bothered me), which was the wrong thing to do – because I did not lay down the line.

I know my girlfriend loves me and would not cheat on me, she hates cheaters and I would never make her out to be something she is not.

Anyway, we have had a few arguments recently since February and I have made it out like it might be easier for us to break up and threatened to end the relationship, on one or two occasions.

I went on to her instagram from my phone and seen that Frank’s name has came up on her liked photos, so she must have unblocked him and he liked her most recent photo.

I got a bit annoyed and went on to her phone (The First Time I ever done it) and seen that Frank was messaging her. When I opened it, I could see that Frank had messaged her in response, to her response to a question he had asked her about what I presume was a photo of her tattoo she had posted on her story. As he was talking about Tattoos with her.

The first message was something like

“That explains why I cant remember it”

Then her response.

Then he asked

“How many tattoos do you have”

I cant remember what she responded, but the conversation was light and that was all I could see.

The conversation that I could see was only three messages as she had deleted the chat for some reason – whether she deleted it because she did not want me to see it and get annoyed that Frank was messaging her or she deleted it to be sneeky – I do not know.

So, I thought about this exchange in messages and got annoyed because she actively unblocked him and he is now messaging her, she is replying – but she has not told me he is messaging her, but I did not give a reaction to it when she initially told me he was after her 6 months ago, so maybe she feels no reason to tell me…

I went back on her phone the other night (Discreetly) and all of the messages were gone, the ones I previously had seen were gone too, I could just see his profile picture and that was all.

So what do you guys think?

– Should I approach her about it, knowing that their was not a lot of conversation, and potentially see if she lies to me?

– Should I make up some B.S that I was looking on her insta photos and seen he liked her photo and ask her to block him – which I think she would do and check her phone again later to see if he is still there, if he is – end the relationship?

– Should I say nothing?

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR APPROACH? I know she is a loyal girlfriend, her behavior has not changed at all and she is receptive to everything positive I say about our future and we recently got a flat approved which we will move in to in a few weeks time.

Would you do something about what I saw or is the risk to great ? – it is worth while saying, I am struggling to concentrate

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