So, now that the overall topic is kinda shifting from the cheating situation to discussions and suggestions that Nikita sort of started with his kind of Q&A, I wanted to share suggestions that I’ve thought about for a long time but never got around to write them down, and discussing these with other players 1 by 1 or in discord servers chats gets too long and difficult for my ADHD brain, and now that said ADHD has chosen doing this wall of text as its focus while my Prapor insurance expires(4 kits have expired while doing this whole thing lmao) I’m gonna do it before the ADHD taketh the focus away.

Some “disclaimers”; sorry for this as I said wall of text, for any grammatical errors, weird Reddit formatting(I dont use reddit alot), my terrible Microsoft Pain(t) skills, and my lack of clarity if something isn’t easily understandable, I wrote this while having a migraine.

I would like to know the thoughts that everybody has on these points, if you think this is all gibberish or some points are valid, if you think any of this would make or break the game, especially the last “bonus” topic.

So, to start;

Search fuction for the Stash, maybe put it as a feature of an Hideout T5 Stash upgrade or something idk;- Have a magnifing glass icon down left of the stash window( that once clicked opens a list of items a-la flea-market listing in which you write the name of an item( and- Every such item, and every container that contains one, gets highlighted like the current function for categories of items in the top left of the stash window(

2) Presets for loadouts in the stash, maybe having to build an equipement rack of some sort inside the Hideout to access this feature;- Have a small armory/locker icon in the same area as the previous feature(, that opens a window similarly to how the Sorting Table feature window opens(,in which you can fill equipement presets similarly to how you fill your PMC equipement before a raid(obviously maybe a little more sleek/adjust the UI as you see fit),so that you can- Equip every previously selected piece of equipement either automatically with clicking an icon(, or if you want to make it easier to implement simply let the players drag or alt/ctrl+click the gear on the character like you normally do;- As you can see from the image no melee, armband, pouch or special slots because they’re not something you usually change that much;- Have like 3 levels of it that you need to upgrade so that you can unlock up to 3 presets or more idk, and you can build it in the same room as the gym maybe?;- Keep any piece of equipement in the “Locker” window and show an “error” in case theres a problem with it/the loadout(for example if a slot in the equipement side of the stash screen is already occupied by an item and therefore the item in the “Locker” window cannot be transfered automatically by pressing the button, if implemented that is);- This can work both with using Flea or without using Flea, with traders in raid or not in raid, so it doesn’t impact the overall balance and future possible mechanics of Tarkov;- Also, this is something many in the community have asked for in a way or the other, like lamenting how long it takes to get ready

3) News/recent hotfix-changes list down right in the main screen, so that people will know which changes happened and when, be they fixes ot new change in rules or important announcements etc., without having to go to youtubers or whatnot and avoid misleading info andsuch(;

– Could be included in game as “developments of the situation in the Tarkov region”, information you receive from a 3rd party like Peacekepeer(if you wanna make it seem official and international) or Fence(if you wanna make it seem like underground information) or whatever else you may see fit- Could even be a feature you unlock after a not too difficult nor late quest, or like lv1 intelligence or something;- Apparently Pestily proposed something similar recently lul but I wanted to write it down anyway since I’ve thought about it from a long time

4) Just a reminder to add vaulting because it would improve the vibe of the game alot, it doesnt have to be the full “now you can climb on top of roofs” thing but merely, whatever obstacle you can jump over right now, instead of having to jump over it you would vault over it, no more weird jumping everywhere like Super Mario characters, of course vaulting speed and nimbleness dictated by current wheight, ergonomics(maybe of the whole kit?) etc.

“Aesthetic” Tagging plates you can put on guns as an attachment (ttps:// so that the Preset name you chose for the gun can be seen from other players when those guns get looted, and cannot be changed once you get inside a raid.- Of course with bad words filtered and them being reportable by other players if they are offensive and whatnot, and the tag will have to be taken off entirely and they have to buy a new one to put back on if they want to change the tag on the gun, so that its kinda of a currency-sink, – Maybe make them craftable at t3 lavatory or something

Competitive shooting gallery, maybe at the current t3 shooting range and t2 intel center(so before having to get to Lightkeeper in order to upgrade, but still something you unlock later on and not immediately) unlock a t4 shooting range upgrade- A small timed shooting test selectable from the current shooting range screen(, that measures your accuracy, reflexes, time etc. and saves your results to see how much you have improved- Also if possible and the player wants, allow them to compare said results in a global ranking (, with no other point at all other than personally getting better and higher scores(or whatever the devs decide would also be nice, like an armband or something);- This is just for fun, would give players something to do while maybe they are waiting for their friends to exfil, or give them something to warm up with before their first raids, and might even be useful in detecting stupid cheaters that would cheat in order to get higher scores;- This might be too “arcadey” tho and maybe not fit the overall “vibe” of tarkov in the lore, but it definitively would fit the friendly-competitive vibe of the community(if you exclude the toxic a-holes, but they are present in any community so they don’t factor in);- If it is too “arcadey”, maybe it can be connected to Arena somehow

Scavs actually being scavs, aka civilians trying to survive and ill-intentioned opportunists living in a “war torn” region;- Instead of chilling around with guns at the ready like I would expect rogues, raiders and bosses to be, unless they heard a shot close by in the lets say last 3-5 minutes, they would be chilling around squatting or sitting, maybe even resting on a bed if theres any nearby, possibly around camp or metal-barrel fires, maybe even cooking their tushonka and other foods they might have over said fires, smoking cigaretteres , drinking, or eating with weapons on their backs or laying on a wall or on the ground, or resting themselves with their backs on a wall etc., maybe you can even catch them p*ssing or v*miting in a corner all by themselves-They could be chilling in many forms, and then grab their weapons and get ready to fight as soon as they see or hear something is wrong, and shouting for every scav in the vicinity to wake up and take up arms and form the scav-swarm they are supposed to be, and compared to current scav AI have less accurate shots and be more of volume of bullets flying against any hostile individual(s)

I recognize this could be a little balance-changing and thats why I left it for last


And now for the “bonus” topic, I wanted to add something that I personally think would improve EFT alot, and that actually HEAVILY affects balance, in particular of one of the most core aspects of Tarkov, the pew-pewing; reworking the entire “Recoil system”.

This is kinda long but I’ll try making as clear as I can.

The current “Recoil system” forces players to either single fire, or spray a full mag, making burst-firing literally a joke, even with guns that specifically have a burst-fire mode, and allowing no in-between, and currently this system also trivializes the Ergonomics stat.

Here’s how I would change it(even just to test and see how it would go):

First and most important of all, “Flip”- the “Recoil System”, as in;- Instead of the gun progressively becoming more stable when dumping a mag and flailing when firing its first bullets, make it so that the gun is stable the first 2-3-4-5(whatever balancing is needed for each gun/gun system/gun class) shots which- Allows for burst/controlled fire to be a thing(which is completely pointless right now, and even in the Raid series you see PMCs burst firing mostly, and only dumping mags when they have to Cover/Suppress fire), and- Have progressively shakier recoil over time the longer you fire, so that 60mag dumps become almost uncontrollable unless proned or because;

Higher recoil skill/extremely low recoil gun builds(but even with low recoil build, mag dumps should have more recoil than now) make your PMC control the -progressively- shakier recoil better, keeping the philosophy of wanting PMC skills to be meaningful in the RPG sense;- It wont affect the initial bullets, and therefore burst firing, much in terms of recoil, which would probably care more about the fact that

Now firing guns would drain Arm-Stamina besides it being drained by “Aiming-Down-Sights”ing, less drain will occur if “Shoulder firing” and more if “ADS-Firing”, and the longer you fire the more Stamina gets drained- But “shoulder firing” would give less control over recoil compared to ADS firing, so they balance each other out in a way that makes some sense- Of course SJ6 and other Stamina-related stims would be useful in this, allowing you to maintain accurrate firing stance/position for longer

Strenght now also affects how harsh this “Firing Arm-Stamina drain” is(the stronger you are the less fatigue you will feel when handling weapon recoil),- Endurance also obviously gives you a larger Arm-Stamina pool, and- High Weapon Handling skills(I’m talking about the assault rifles, pistol, smg ones etc.) now will also make it so that even when Arm-Stamina is getting low and your “stance/firing position”(whatever u wanna call it I dont know military science and I dont larp) begins to worsen(ex. the shaking of your hand and arms that you see when ADSing for a long time), it does so less/more slowly, as your PMC is getting familiar and experienced with the weapon system/class;- at Elite levels your PMC will maintain perfect(or 50% better than normal? idk balance this) “firing position” even when completely depleted of Stamina(taking this off Aim Drills)

Obviously both of these changes should also affect Shoulder-firing, as it would not be a garden-hose-bullet-beam anymore but be affected even more by the increased over time recoil-shake compared to ADS-firing, and be affected by the same stats;- It would obviously still be better in CQC situations and swinging corners, but people will stop shoulder firing targets at 50m+ with extreme precision, and when doing so it would mostly be sort of trying your luck/suppress fire the enemy and force them to retreat to cover and/or buy you time at those ranges

Speaking of swinging corners, make it so that walking backwards is a little bit slower than forward(will make the current way to “look past corners safely” more difficult and it also just makes some sense), and another reminder;

Add “swapping shoulders”, as in putting the gun to the left side of the screen together with the needed player-camera adjustements, of course not as an instantaneous action but that requires a little time and makes some noise, kinda like swapping between guns, so that the “peeking towards the right” meta gets “fixed”

Ergonomics will also have an effect “related” to the Weapon Handling skills, mirroring how the Recoil Control skill is “related” to the Recoil stat on the guns;- The higher the Ergonomics stat on a gun the easier it is to maintain correct firing position for longer even when stamina is getting low, and the lower it is the more difficult it will be to maintain firing position.- Obviously at Elite Weapon control skills this aspect of the Ergonomics stat becomes trivial, but it still affects the speed with which you assume “ADS firing” position from the “Shoulder firing” position, etc.

Also make the Ergonomics and Weight stats on a gun(and maybe on your whole kit? idk) affect the speed with which your PMC assumes “Shoulder firing position” and the “ADS firing position” after running,-Basically fix the current “0 Ergonomics istantaneous ADS “glitch”” and the fact that theres no different between heavier and lighter, 0 argo and 100 ergo guns when you assume Shoulder-firing position when you stop running

Maybe give the Aim Drills skill an Elite level Perk that is the same as the current “0 Ergonomics istantaneous ADS “glitch””, making the PMC have their gun ready immediately no matter what

To balance DMRs which are already sort of meta weapons(RSASS/SR-25, RFB etc.) that would almost feel no difference from these changes, and make smaller caliber guns that now kinda suck/are greatly overlooked such as pistols etc. more useful:- The bigger the caliber of a gun, the more not only increased recoil-shake over time is felt, but also more arm-stamina drain from firing,- And with small calibers of course there is less arm-stamina drain;- For example, if you have a low ergonomics SVD build, after shooting 5-6 shots in very quick succession while standing and ADSing(the stance that drains stamina the most), your Arm-Stamina would be close to 0,- But at the same time a high Recoil SVD build will basically be a wild horse in terms of Recoil after the same 5-6 shots especially when Shoulder-firing(the stance which should provide the least recoil control, as I said previously in 5.)

This will also make pistols stop being uncontrollable when ADS-firing which for some reason is the case right now, and- The weirdly high Recoil statistic pistols have should be lowered;- In terms of balance they are shooting peas unless you have higher-penetration bullets, which are usually only accessible in the -late mid game-/-early late game- anyway, and also generally have low capacity mags unless you unlock bigger ones,- And by that time you have better calibers and guns at your disposal, and for example 9mm ap 6.3 and .45 FMJ are usually only good when mag dumping(which will already be nerfed by all the previous changes), which would still

Leave SMGs what they are supposed to be, CQC monsters with average medium-range potential, and especially easy to control in these situations which would be because of their “innate” high Ergonomics and low Recoil stats.- This might make guns like the UMP a little bit even more of an early-game must and the MP7 a late-game must, so

Each and every gun and their bullets can be individually fine tuned to get the desired results by all of this, in case anything unpredictable may come up.

I want to thank the mods that had to read all of this to make sure nothing bad was written for coming to my Tarkov Talk, and BSG can pay for my consultation with a streamer item(/sarcasm).

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