r/Scams – 11yr old sister randomly texted with her current…

My 11yr old sister was at the mall with my mom, when she got a text with the name of the mall she was at, and then her full name, including middle name but spelled wrong (she said she never gave anyone her middle name except for 1 friend who is also 11 and an unlikely suspect).

My initial thought when looking at the texts is that it was a prank from friends, but she’s literally 11 and has no friends that seem like they could or would do this.

To get her phone number, location data, AND full name…just seems wild. I’m going to check her phone in the morning, to see if she downloaded anything weird, installed any weird profiles or if she added a friend to the Find My app. Also these were iMessages.

A couple of thoughts going through our head to do is reporting this to the police, and maybe calling the number from a throwaway phone number like Google Voice, seeing who answers.

How should we proceed?

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Source:r/Scams – 11yr old sister randomly texted with her current…

Discovered on: 2023-03-19 10:08:36

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