r/Scams – Am I being scammed with a job offer?

I recently started applying for remote jobs on Zip Recruiter, and I received a text message saying my resume was viewed and the company wanted to interview me. The entire interview took place over the messaging app Signal. It was all automated messaging with some information about the position, pay, benefits and whatnot. I wasn’t concerned at first it just felt quick. The next day I was hired just like that…okayyy. This is where things start to get concerning, I give them some of my information to do a background check or whatever. And then they EMAIL me a pdf of the front and back of a check for a little over $2,000 for programs I will need for the job. Quickbooks, accounting software, etc. And now I am concerned. This is so unlike anything ive ever experienced. Today, I am asked if I can personally buy some of the programs because there is a hold on my account for processing the check. I say no, obviously. But the longer this goes on the more sketched out I become. I have yet to speak to anyone on the phone, I was told I would be sent a laptop to use, so why am I buying these programs now? If this is a scam…. which at this point it looks more and more likely… I just gave my personal information to a scammer.

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Source:r/Scams – Am I being scammed with a job offer?

Discovered on: 2023-03-08 22:48:59

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