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So recently I started to get matches with girls on tinder that are a bit way too good for me (I am average millennial). Then we chat for a week or so (and it doesn’t bother them that I am ~1k+ miles away in different country), they are nice to me, ask questions etc. Quite suspicious already since I am an engineer™ . Then they occasionally drop that they also traders for ~3-6 years (usually via binance.com). They describe it as they just perform commands from advisor (broker?), and share back % of profit, making 16-18% per month of what they have invested, sharing back 14-25% of profit. Then they be like “if you want I can talk with advisor to start working with you”.

This scenario repeated like about 4 times last 2 weeks, where

1st case talk kind of died on it’s own since I clearly is not a ‘match’ for a rich fashion girl she was, and seems very genue to me

she was about to go into my country soon to get her sister from there.

in 2nd cases we did get to the point of getting me into investments (whatsapp messaging), she asked how much I can place as an investment, I replied ~4k and kindof disappointed her, then I learned that crypto thing is not very much likable by authorities and expressed my concerns, she kind of insisted that I need to register on bibnance and that meeting with the advisor (via skype! whomever uses it nowadays except scammers??) is set up and waiting for me, but I refused to be urged and was annoyed that my questions about legal aspect got ignored, she stopped talking after that.

she was about to get into my country to find a boyfriend, with a hind that I looks like one.

3rd case I didn’t remember well since it got deleted from tinder upon unmatch, IIRC she unmatched after I pointed out that “oh isn’t it that you also doing nice side income from investments, where information supplied to you by some kind of friend?”

4rd case is happening now and seems to be most obvious one, I said I am busy and need to think till monday. Is about to visit my country because her parents live here. Well, a bit odd thing is that she have exact accent of very specific region of my country she claims to be from, shit like this can’t be made up (I know it proves nothing except her origin).

So my ask for advice is, is it a scam? only one of them shared simple screenshot (+80% growth), but I hardly believe even in 16%+ investment growth per month.

The only thing that makes me to not instantly say that it is indeed a scam – they chatted with me longer than it would be needed for typical scam attempt. Like, long contextual voice messages, photos (well, maybe they send same photos to everybody?), text with thoughts put in it (not chatGPT as soon as I can tell, but who knows?) every day for week+ – that is quite a lot of hours of “work” for good looking girls in first world countries (towns like Berlin, Milan, etc) – there are definetely more profitable ways for them to spend a time I believe. So what may be the catch?

the 2nd case was very well made, she was (I assume) a bit into stuff I was talking to her (I did my best), and left me with nothing to be suspicious of (I know I am idiot assuming younger girl in foreign country will want to talk to me).

But the 4rd case is what gives away alot – girl is a bit ‘less of a thinker’ (as much as polite as I can go, sorry if I not euro-tolerant enought with that) than it would take to trick me, so her responses to my messages seems “labored” and “just to do the job”, she clearly not into intellectual stuff I try to feed her but continues with routine.

I am still have all of them in contacts and actively chatting with 4rd one, so I am ready to disproove anything, and prove that they are real girls, so please do your worst!

Thanks in advance!

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