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I’ve been looking for a dog, joined a private FB group called “Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For Rehoming and Adoption”. SCAM ALERT.

The seller was suspicious because they wouldn’t tell me where they lived and I said if they were within a few states, I’d I’d pick the dog up but they insisted on sending the dog via crate (even tho they were only asking for 350). Also based on the post, there were like 10+ people interested but that didn’t seem like a concern and they wanted me to pay ASAP. I asked if they were okay with an intermediary (I send them money and they hold it until the dog arrived). They immediately said yes so I messaged an admin of the group.

Minutes later I got a response, to my surprise, they typed the same way, broken english, and the thoughts were kind of broken– whatever. But then I also noticed, both of them took time to message me, not super long, just a few minutes, but long enough it was like ????? Admin immediately asked me how I wanted to pay, no other questions and I felt uncomfortable.

I decided to check the owners account. Newish facebook with like 2 posts, the portrait and cover photo. The guy I was messaging was identifying as a dude, but the “portrait” post was saying “she recently changed their photo”.

Also most of the admins of the group have only been admins for less than a month (3-4 of them). I would venture to guess the admins have rotating accounts and change the names and portraits, but not always the gender. That sounds super conspiracist of me but after my 1 hour interaction, so many red flags that i could buy it.

I also decided to google the FB group and “scam” to see if anything popped up, and a FB post did, about how a dude was also scammed by a different admin (whose no longer there).

I told the admin I had messaged another person to act as the intermediary (was going to get an admin from this other FB group that does reviews and whose people are trying to make sure no one’s scammed lol) and sorry for the inconvenience.

They asked why and when I explained it was precautionary since I’d feel more comfortable and they got mad at me, saying I was calling her a scammer and her group a scam (She said it first not me)

Fully convinced they now didn’t care if I was scammed/they mayhaps were a scammer themselves, I blocked and left.

I know there were red flags immediately, but I’m dumb and I only just started looking at dogs in the last few days so I wasn’t expecting to encounter this.

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Source:r/Scams – FB group called "Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For…

Discovered on: 2023-03-01 23:37:41

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