r/Scams – Guy Scammed Me Out of 95 Dollars on a Date…WATCH OUT…

I recently had a guy (27M) online that started discussing a date with me. He suggested we go out for dinner and then asked me if I expected men to pay. I ghosted him.

Then he found me on another site and said “Sorry if anything I said rubbed you the wrong way, happy to invite you out for dinner, on me”! so I said okay I’ll be nice and give him a chance.

I picked a restaurant near me since I have no car and he drove up to see me. However when we looked at the menu he started sighing and groaning about the prices and when I questioned him as to whether it was too expensive (nothing was over 30 dollars), he said “No I want to”. I thought he meant it. He paid but seemed upset.

Then he suggested we meet again, and also talked about taking me to a theme park this weekend. So I decided to give him one more chance. This time, after we ate, he just left the check sitting there and refused to touch it. A long time passed and I had to ask him “Do You wanna get that?”

Before I could even finish my sentence he just gave me a blank stare and said “NO”. This insulted me because I thought he wanted to be a gentleman and keep courting me. He then noticed I was upset and I thought he would realize he was being mean, but instead he got FURIOUS. He said “cut it out” or I’ll get up and leave”! viciously. Then he started bragging about all the other women that wanted him.

I wanted to just walk out but I was afraid he would run after me and stab me or something. So I was like whatever and I took out my card and handed it to the waitress with his, so I thought we were splitting it. Then the waitress came back and said “Sorry his card got declined, I had to put the dinner on yours”, and this guy was SO excited and happy when he saw the shocked look on my face. He also warned me I’ll get bigger if I keep trying to go out with guys for meals.

I wanted to ask for his half of the meal back but the waitress said the manager wasn’t there and I was so embarrassed. This guy then tried to talk me home and put his arms around me and then said he had to pee really badly when we reached my house. I didn’t even want him to walk me home, but he tried to get me to go in his car and I said NO so he followed me down the 12 minute walk back to my home. He carried my food (he didn’t offer, but I asked him because he was just following me as I was struggling to walk home in my high heels and he said “sometimes couples fight” and carried it for me.

I have a roommate so I said fine just go to shut him up, then after he got out of the bathroom, he kicked off his shoes, sat down, and started relaxing then looked shocked when I asked him to leave, and asked if we could go outside and talk about it. I said no and my roommate was there so he finally left.

Then I week later he said he’s sad I asked him to leave and it was mean of me to ditch him just because he didn’t automatically pay for dinner and he wishes we could have kissed a bit and was hoping to meet again and he was thinking about how cute and interesting I was.

Thoughts? Why was he so mad at me for expecting him to pay? I literally did him a favor by meeting him when I initially didn’t even want to, he kept asking so I just wanted to give him a chance and then he EXTORTED me for money. He told me he didn’t see him not paying as undervaluing me at all but I don’t believe him. Thoughts?

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Source:r/Scams – Guy Scammed Me Out of 95 Dollars on a Date…WATCH OUT…

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