r/Scams – have i been scammed? please help

have i been scammed?! please help!

so few weeks ago a online friend introduced me into crypto trading. we talked about a month and she told me about how she wanted to invest and learn how to trade. then she finally got introduced to her ”trading broker” couple of days fast forward she sent me a screenshot of how her investment went and she got $15000 in return from a 3000$ investment. she then asked me if i wanted to try it out and i said yes. she proceeded to give me the traders contact information and i contacted him, he claimed to work with iq option binary trades and that his trades are risk free. he said the minimum investment is 2000$ and hell be able to get me profits in 2–3 days i went ahead and invested. fast forward 3 days he sends me a screenshot that he was able to get me to 9k (which was trade A) and then asked if id like to invest it in trade B wich i could earn massively on, i went ahead with it and said yes. waited another 3 days and he sends me a screen of him taking me to $37000 wich is too good to be true. he now says i need to pay a activation fee of $5000 to activate my account so the money can be withdrawld. i said that im not paying that amount of money and we came to the conclusion of he merging me with some other of his ”investors” and ill be able to pay him $2000 and then get my money. now im wondering if ive been scammed and hes just trying to take more from me or if its actually legit. (investment was made trough btc) thank you in advance

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