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I can’t tell if this follow up to a job I applied for is a scam, and would like a second opinion. I did thorough research of the employer’s social media presence and everything (Legit company, website, pics, LinkedIn profile) seems to check out so far. Some flags did go off for me though:

The notorious “Kindly” insert

Commas where there should be periods

Employer included another person’s email inquiring about the same position, after the employer’s signature – This one was the most bizarre detail, as I’ve never seen this happen before.

Also for anyone who’s had legit experience as a Personal Assistant, have you had to “shop” for your employer? If so, what would that entail?


Following your resume that was suggested to me for the Position of Customer Service Rep/Personal Assistant, this is an urgent recruitment for the replacement for my Personal Assistant & CSR personnel. I really need someone to take up the position, I am looking for a friendly, simple & trust worthy assistant who would also be in charge of handling my customers and clientele, You can take it as a full time or part time job depending on your choice. This is a remote position/work from home. The hours will be between 4 to 5 hours daily, which can be increased if you want and this will give you free time to go on with your regular job. Below are job Descriptions.


– Compile, sort and verify the accuracy of customer issues & data before it is entered

– Act as an assistant to the HR Manager

– Maintain logs of activities and completed work

– Typing/Data Entry of confidential client and financial data

– Prepare weekly check runs, print checks for mailing

– Perform other administrative task as assigned

– General work

– process mails

– Receive calls, texts & emails on my behalf

– Book appointments & Flight reservation

– Shopping, E.t.c or any other reasonable duty will be allocated to you.


– Ability to maintain confidentiality concerning financial information

– Must display a high level of integrity and honesty

– Must be organized and able to prioritize tasks efficiently and follow through on commitments

– Must be a highly motivated, self-starter who proposes solutions, rather than waiting for others to solve problems

– Must be flexible, adaptable and actively intervene to create and energize positive change

My name is Anonymous Employer, I am an Artist as well as an HR consultant/HR for Anonymous Company. I travel a lot for consultations for major firms also to sell art works, buy ideas, Artifacts, antiques and materials from ancient cities and I have got so many clients as companies, individuals and governmental institutions and private museums. I have been pretty successful in my business, I get involved in several art deals in the United States & Canada. I most often get my hands occupied. so it is imperative for me to have a worthy personal assistant and customer service personnel to handle client problem resolution on my behalf.

Due to the nature of my job, I require frequent traveling so I need someone to handle my schedule when I’m not in town, Every instruction will be given to you via email and phone for now until I’m back, I want you to begin work immediately.

Kindly Let me know if you’re still interested and I am willing to offer you $25 hourly with a reasonable sign-on bonus, I want you to answer this brief questionnaire below, Please answer them to the best of your knowledge.

* Have you ever worked as a CSR personnel or personal assistant before?

* Can you take this as a primary Job?

* If you want to make this your secondary job (How many hours does your primary Job Take?)

* Do you have a professional reference?

* How many hours are you willing to devote to work for me?

* What do you understand about Privacy & Code of Conduct?

* Describe yourself?

* Are you willing to give your best shot at working with me?

I will be expecting your prompt response.

Best Regards,

Anonymous Employer

On 03/02/2023 2:55 PM CST Random Person random.person@gmail.com wrote:

Good afternoon,

I wanted to reach out about the open position you have available. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Random Person

Appreciate any help and opinions.

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