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I’m so tired of my mum constantly falling for scams and MLMs. She’s always been susceptible to scams but before she retired she wasn’t that into it. She used to have supplements all over the house when I was a kid and believe in things like magic pills and patches. But it wasn’t her whole life.

Now I don’t even recognize her. I wish I could save her. For the past 4 years she’s been going deeper and deeper into Investment scams, MLMs, Crypto scams, dropshipping scams and the list goes on. She’s not that computer savvy so I don’t understand how she thinks she’ll understand crypto. I don’t even understand crypto and I don’t want to.

At one point I believed her scams. She’s my mom I love her. But I later realized it was all lies. She traveled to meet me at my university once to help her borrow money from a loan shark to put into her crypto investment scam because I was dodging her calls. She used to be well respected in the community but now I feel so ashamed. Everyone avoids her because the scams she recruits them into always crash.

She embarrassed herself at church by trying to recruit the congregation. I am so tired. I’ve begged her, shown her videos, shown her her own finances but all she said was that it was all because I never believed in her scams. That I didn’t have enough faith. It’s my fault they didn’t work.

She used her pension, took loans from friends and sharks and makes me feel guilty about buying things like gummy bears and bubble tea because “You should put that money into a business.” I’m so tired I wish I could abandon her, but my other siblings aren’t as patient with her. I feel like she’s my burden to bear. I miss when she was just my mum. Oh and in case it’s not clear she’s making zero profits.

I don’t know whether it’s something about her personality but she always gets scammed by new friends. She has legacy friends that love and care about her but she’s ashamed to face them because she feels my siblings have failed by not working typical 9 to 5 but we get by just fine (we bail her out a lot). Instead she goes and finds a slimy new friend that everyone avoids and gets sucked into a new scam. Funny thing is Friend A will introduce her to friend B Friend A will run away after scamming her then Friend B will take over introduce her to Friend C Friend B will run away and rinse and repeat. We are on Friend F at this point.

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Source:r/Scams – My mother blames me each time a scam fails. Because I…

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