r/Scams – Possible scamming from new dentist?

Hey all, I recently just went to a new dentists office after moving to get my teeth checked out and everything was normal, got my teeth cleaned although pretty rough when the hygienist got her pick stuck in-between my front teeth and felt like she was gonna rip out my front teeth, they took some x-rays for the checkup, and then when the dentist came in he started going on about flossing, after showing me the x-rays he said I needed 16 cavities filled and a crown all at once and qouted me for 2 grand (5 grand without insurance)

I didn’t see anything on the x-ray where he was pointing because I’ve seen my teeth on a separate x-ray when my previous dentist gave me the ok for everything but he claimed that the cavities were all in-between my teeth and they all needed filing down in-between my teeth too to fill them. I saw my other dentist before a few months ago and didn’t say nearly anything as extreme as what this new guy said and I don’t have any sensitive or discoloration in my teeth either. They also tried selling me a medicated flush at the counter for 40 dollars. I’m pretty sure this place isn’t remotely legit but what does this sub reddit think?

It just seems off that I would suddenly develop all those cavities in a span of 5 months and I’ve only ever had like 3 cavities. It hurts my mouth just thinking about needed 16 cavities filed and filled

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Source:r/Scams – Possible scamming from new dentist?

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