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I tried purchasing a dress from FB marketplace this morning. The seller gave me wrong Zelle info even though I asked her to verify multiple times. Since the payment was sent to wrong person, she said she’d help me “get it back” and called Zelle on my behalf. She told me that they’re going to call me to verify additional details.

This person, “John” called me and asked me about the issue. He sounded American, so I didn’t give it a second thought. He asked to download “Anydesk” app from playstore so that they can establish “Secure Zelle Connection” and asked me to give required permissions. It was sus, but he kept convincing me that it’s secure. He then transferred the call to his manager “David” who said that he has 78 years of experience and proceeded to ask me to “login into my bank, again” as I was already logged in before calling them. I did🤡. I checked and saw that the payment I made earlier was still pending so I canceled it and was refunded. But the person on call insisted that the money was “stuck” and I need to do a few things to get it back. He asked me click on “send money” and asked me to type in the name and phone number. I misspelled the name, and he kept correcting me. I asked him if he was able to see my screen, and he said no, so I kept repeating the mistake. He said that his screen shows red when I enter something wrong and green when its right. He started getting impatient and talking in his thick Indian accent and I realized it was a scam.

I immediately closed the bank app, disconnected the call and tried to uninstall that app but they had control of my phone and kept clicking home button to block the touch. I smh turned off the wifi, which terminated that session. I then uninstalled that app from my phone.

They kept calling me from different numbers and texted me as well -” hi as you disconnected he call same amount will be going to charge your account 910$ from your checking account”

All in all, it was close and I’m so disappointed in myself for falling for it. My gut kept telling me that something was wrong. I didn’t listen to it.

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Source:r/Scams – Scammers posing as Zelle Customer Service.

Discovered on: 2023-02-28 23:14:56

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