r/Scams – This happened a long time ago and it's killing me…

This may be so old that DSL was still annoyingly here.The company that I’m racking my brain to remember offered all kinds of popular items to buy — at an extremely inflated price. Like well over 100%.

Why would anyone pay so high a price? Because the deal was that within 8 weeks or so, you would get all your money back. So you got your ‘toy’ right away, you ‘invested’ your money for a while but then got all of it back and for quite a long time it was working pretty well!!!

People didn’t have enough good things to say about the place!

Then I noticed they started advertising much more heavily.I actually started eyeing whatever Nintendo platform was new at the time. Duh. Red flag.

They kept taking in the money — but stopped shipping the items and sending out the rebate checks.The s.o.b.s sucked in as as much as they could for as long as they could but then.

The fallout was really horrible. A woman spent all her and her husband’s savings — $37,000+, I think. Enough that he divorced her, anyway. People had to declare bankrumptcy. They formed an online support group and posted their sad tales of woe and how much they lost and I THINK the ‘winner/loser’ lost over $90,000.

Who were they?

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Source:r/Scams – This happened a long time ago and it's killing me…

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