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I had small friend group my (20f), best friend (21f) and another good friend (22f). Let’s call my best friend A and the other girl B. B started dating a guy 6 months ago. At first the guy seemed ok, but A and I started noticing worrying patterns. B started only believing what her boyfriend would say. A and I are both bisexual and Bs boyfriend wasn’t ok with this and made B think we wanted her lol that. I told B, A and I were not interested in her even a little bit and that they need to get over themselves. B started becoming someone else, she became homophobic, sexist , and started believing things she never did before which was fine at first. But she started telling us that all gay people go to hell. Which I knew she was probably hurting so I was trying to help her. Her boyfriend posted something on Facebook basically outing himself as a cheater. Today A and I decided to take to B , and we started telling her how we were concerned for her,because she’s with someone who cheats,lies,and emotionally abuses her. I showed her the evidence of his cheating and she tried saying he just spelt stuff wrong. A told her that she was hurting because of the hateful stuff B has started saying. It’s like be was an entire different person. B just kept giving us excuses trying to make everything seem as though it’s ok. And after the talk I thought we got everything resolved, until she started going off on us how screenshoting evidence of him admitting to cheating was a complete invasion of privacy and that he just misspelled stuff. She kept going off on us that he is the only person who cares about her. I told her that I went through the same kind of relationship and I lost friend ships because of it. I also told her that one of those friends were just recently killed and there was now no chance of fixing things and I never want her going through that because both A and I absolutely love her.All she said was “oh sorry “ and continued to give excuses why her boyfriend is perfect in every way. So A and I decided to distance ourselves and so there would be no gossip or drama both A and I told her. She immediately unfriended us and started going off on us again. She was hurt and angry. But A and I tried to help her but in the end it didn’t matter. I wish there was something I could do differently to help her. Especially since I went through the same thing. But A and I blocked B because she wouldn’t stop being rude and basically yelling at us through text. A and I don’t want her back in our lives and I feel very selfish about it, even though I can’t help her unless she wants help. Even though we are not in her life officially I hope she gets the help and support she needs. I’m not sure if B will ever see this but A and I love you. And we hope you figure things out.

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