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Has this ever been addressed besides the usual talking points about how crossplay brings us “together”?. Why are Playstation users allowed to turn off crossplay and dodge this cesspool of scum, called PC gamers, who have always throughout their entire history cheated in videogames? Surely anyone who knows even a little bit of “videogamer lore” knows that many people moved from PC to console, in order to escape the hellscape called PC Multiplayer. Any sort of game that is even slightly competitive, from RTS to FPS, is RIDDLED with cheats on PC, they just cant help themselves, and the industry of selling cheats has grown so big that its probably impossible to stop them by now, the PC gamer cheats from the average pub game, all the way to major e-sports tournaments, he cheats right in our face and gets away with it, some even make millions doing it.

Now the nature of consoles makes it so that installing cheats is either too time consuming or may result in a hardware ban where your console turns into a brick, meaning the “masses” will never cheat like they do on PC. There is the issue of modded controllers being the hot new craze, but again if we, for example, talk about modern console shooters with Aim Assist – what these modded controllers give to losers that use them is “Aim Assist+”, which Ive seen videos of and to me it was hardly impressive. And again, speaking of FPS, “Aim Assist+” isnt a script that lets you know where all other players are at all time, throwing one of the main aspects of the genre – positioning and map knowledge, out the window.

I post the same thread on various game subreddits for years now, they either get straight up deleted or flooded with so much disgusting shit-flinging from cheaters who are HAPPY that PC games now have a lamb brought to slaughter, so to speak, in the form of Xbox users. Because as Im sure everyone remembers, “competitive” PC games that arent f2p, used to DIE almost immediately after release, before crossplay became standard, since nobody wants to play with cheaters, even cheaters eventually leave because they get tired of cheating on each other, theres no “fun” in that. A recent example would be Star Wars Battlefront 2, a guilty pleasure of mine that I still boot up quite often for some fun shooting. Why do I boot up a game that is completely dead and gone on PC? Because as a last gen “relic” from the good old days before crossplay, and a gamepass treat, I get to play with other Xbox users and only other Xbox users. Playing for hours and not seeing a single cheat, is almost therapeutic for me at this point, the worst you get in that game is the aforementioned modded controllers.

Xbox users played multiplayers shooters JUST FINE before crossplay was a thing. Please bring those times back, because you are ruining videogames for a big portion of your userbase, by forcing them to play with PC. Fine – you won’t or can’t deal with these rats on your own, there’s clearly too much many in cheats. So please let us at least dodge them.

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Source:r/xbox – Crossplay with the cheating animal called the PC Gamer

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