Reposted from @covert_narcissist_info To take this one step...

Reposted from @covert_narcissist_info To take this one step…

Reposted from @covert_narcissist_info To take this one step further, in an attempt to help/love someone to a better place/healing we are often instead enabling them to not do the work to change/heal for themselves. There’s no need to face change if your getting everything you want without it. It’s ok to help and love those who you then see change and growth but not abusers with disorders that you can’t fix for them. The best case scenario for them is to allow them to hit rock bottom because only then might they ever consider it’s them. The odds are still against them ever doing the work to change but they certainly won’t with anyone enabling them.


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This post sounded a bit harder than I intended when I read it back but I wrote it with a softness to my tone so I hope you can read it that way. I know that this not holding ourselves responsible for other people’s actions can be hard so I just wanted to drop a gentle reminder here that we all have self responsibility for the way we react, respond, behave and for our own internal happiness. This is our own deeply nourishing work & not someone else’s. Of course we can be there to help, support and encourage others in a kind & compassionate way but it is ultimately their responsibility in the same way we need to be responsible for our own actions & growth 🌱

Who needed this reminder? 🤍
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Source:Reposted from @covert_narcissist_info To take this one step…

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