This Uber Trip sums up the entire Uber scam. Low fares,...

Rideshare Professor: This Uber Trip sums up the entire Uber scam. Low fares, greed, pathetic customer service.

From: Rideshare Professor

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Source: This Uber Trip sums up the entire Uber scam. Low fares, greed, pathetic customer service.

14 thoughts on “Rideshare Professor: This Uber Trip sums up the entire Uber scam. Low fares, greed, pathetic customer service.

  1. I drive this exact market and get dozens of these pings EVERY single time I am out! Acceptance hovering around 15% and steadily decreasing. Choose very strategically and ALWAYS stop new requests when on a trip to potentially improve odds wherever you land when the pax is dropped off.

  2. Anyone who accepts any trip under $10 is a moron. I don’t care if it’s a super short one. Even if it’s only 3-4 mins. Under $10, I automatically decline. I don’t even look. Decline, decline, decline.

  3. This is why I don't accept trips that are less than $5 per 10 minutes of my time. Also why I don't accept short trips. Most of the time those short trips you end up waiting for the passenger on average 3 minutes of more unpaid time. So 5 short trips per hour is 15 minutes of additional unpaid time.

  4. I noticed they don't add more money unless you go 20 minutes over the original upfront time estimation.. Complete bs!

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