United States: Trump arrest 'could spell trouble for him'

Sky News: United States: Trump arrest ‘could spell trouble for him’

From: Sky News

Political Scientist Doctor Thomas Gift looks at what a Donald Trump arrest could mean for the former President and the wider political scene in America.

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Source: United States: Trump arrest ‘could spell trouble for him’

45 thoughts on “Sky News: United States: Trump arrest ‘could spell trouble for him’

  1. A US president should not be selected by popularity. His erratic behavior makes us look like a joke in the eyes of everyone else and other countries. He did his time, now we need someone else to guide the country out of this hole.

  2. No could about it. There is no legal case to be made against him. It's already been determined by investigations at several levels of federal law enforcement as well as dismissed at the state level, several times. It's a purely political attempt to keep him from the ticket in '24.
    It could well lead to the attempted insurrection they have been looking for since 2015 when he originally announced his candidacy.

  3. If they can’t lock up Puttin what makes the world think Trump can be locked up 🤔. Just get ready to welcome Trump back as president soon.

  4. Yet nothing on the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco?! No fan of Trump but there does seem to be a witch hunt against him.

  5. He won’t be arrested, he’s was just looking for attention because he might be indicted. Everyone is trying to move on and stay away from Trump (including his party). Everyone who he endorsed lost this prior election. Just let him be. It’s not worth it.

  6. The Democrat's in the States are scared, truth is given their current Government even I as a non US citizen can "read the room". The more they do to Trump the better chance they stand if getting him re-elected. I think in their trying to make Trump a criminal and painting him as a man who inspires insurrection while turning a blind eye to the riots and violence that happened outside Washington is pure theatre. Trump is telling the people what they want to hear because he is listening, he is watching and he is giving those voters what they want. The people don't need Trump to wind them up, they have Biden. They don't need a third party to incite then, they have Biden. The real power behind the American government, the money men are becoming less relevant. People don't want a figure head, they want a leader, a man who upholds their constitution, the American beliefs, the things Biden and his administration (or whoever is in making the decisions) are eroding. As I said not a citizen of the States, just my observations.

  7. I hope Trump gets arrested.That way USA would have their own civil war and leave the rest of the world to China,Russia and other great countries.
    Ofcourse i hope MAGA guys winn civil war, free Trump and make the world a better place.

  8. JUSTICE MOVES SLOWLY FOR WHITES ……………………………………………………………….

  9. After the Capitol Hill riots, they going to make sure he never gets in the White House ever again.

    Never heard of a US president being arrested before.

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