Crystal Meth Addict interview-Patricia

Soft White Underbelly: Crystal Meth Addict interview-Patricia

From: Soft White Underbelly

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Patricia, a crystal meth addict on Skid Row.

Here’s a link to a GoFundMe campaign to help some of the people seen in SWU interviews:

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Source: Crystal Meth Addict interview-Patricia

22 thoughts on “Soft White Underbelly: Crystal Meth Addict interview-Patricia

  1. Modeling? Acting?.. wants to become a nurse? Hmmm? Maybe slightly delusional…Very confused person.. Very Rude to Mark too..boy he certainly has allot of patience 🙏

  2. Puts so much into perspective with how she said she loves life and doesn’t regret anything. We really need to all appreciate the little things more

  3. I lost my brother to a meth addiction. We were a normal, happy, working class family and he just made a lot of really dumb choices which had him spiralling out of control (although he thought he was on top of it and was superman), it eventually cost him his life. What a waste.

  4. Imagine if that was your baby! Imagine if that was you! Deserving of a Kind word at least. No matter how many excuses that we believe they are not deserving of at least the kind words.

  5. The first 30 seconds told me this chick was no good and a lame . People like this serve zero purpose on planet earth.

  6. At 2:35 she literally asks Mark if they can end the interview and come back to it in a half hour?! I think that was very rude and insulting! She obviously just wants the money for meth, so why waste anymore time here. That is what I gather from this interview.

  7. The ending is ROUGH dude…
    She really just played into his cards like a fiddle because she saw rewards out of it.
    It’s so sad how drugs can shape the mind, she was saying she wants to be a nurse and go to college just to make him think she doesn’t want to be in her position, it was only for the money.

  8. Mark, are you watching comments? I have an unidentified looking for a name. She looks very familiar. Like I have seen an interview.

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