Jamaican Nurses Demotivated | 29 Arrested in St. Mary | TVJ...

Television Jamaica: Jamaican Nurses Demotivated | 29 Arrested in St. Mary | TVJ News

From: Television Jamaica

Nurses are demotivated after a numerous amount of threats reaching members of the nursing fraternity.

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Source: Jamaican Nurses Demotivated | 29 Arrested in St. Mary | TVJ News

25 thoughts on “Television Jamaica: Jamaican Nurses Demotivated | 29 Arrested in St. Mary | TVJ News

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  2. Big up all the nurses in the medical field we love our proffessions..we ever say health is welness and is wellness we are saying sky is the limit..God bless..

  3. The first thing that is going on I of to ask myself why is it that at the May Pen hospital people are dying so much even small sickness there is not possibly you been there and returned alive the government of Jamaica should have a look in this .

  4. Many of these nurses are wicked and cruel, and shouldn't be in that field. I don't think many of them deserve a pay rise. I believe they should get pay deduction, and give the money to the people they have let down. The few good one's out there a raise yes. To much horror storie's of neglect or citizen's. Undercover officials should be put in place. Sad thing's for our Jamaican people. Stop kill if our human race, Jamaican men youth a d girl's and women. Or your island can never be a better place.🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥🇬🇧🇯🇲

  5. Stop rush to make things to test on people we a nuh ginni pigs Mr Andrew should of lock down Jamaica from day when he heard that is was in China no he call an Election and was still taking in people from overseas it was 9 case look what is going on look how much people a dead the Devil is in power put is in hell

  6. Encouragement sweeten labor any where in the world the climate of health care in Jamaica is not at the best wonder why?? First the pay is not good for the kind of situation these people do day after day the pay is not right supplies do not exist gloves so much an important factor is hard to find if ever in the US the saying goes U GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and you know who suffer the poor citizens who can't afford the thousands Jamaica you are at the center of the crossroads do better you are better than this.

  7. We have to be responsible in this time we are good people no matter what we must fight harder to overcome these urges that would propel us to party in this time of pandemic we can do better yes we can ,this pandemic is out there it's not a joke, please let us abide by the rules stop been so lawless, members of the security forces are human beings have compassion the job is already hard please cool out, blessup, blessup , blessup ,blessup .

  8. People in Jamaica I felt all ur struggling I am a born Jamaican I am very upset to see the government is not doing enough to help our poor people, and also not doing enough to get the murderers and gunmen off the streets instead of shutting down the country preventing people to go about their daily hustle to put food on their table, Andrew Holness we the poor people and the ghetto people is who voted u into office to do better and it's no better than before, we need to vote Miss Lisa Hannah into office the next election I I believed Lisa Hannah will do a very good job for the poor people..

  9. Please mr Holness get on top of the murders that happening in Jamaica too many murders been committed please this should address it's more important than the pandemic and the global crisis, murders should be number one priority and stop shutting down the country the poor people are the ones suffering, make murder ur most important thing to dealt with make it the number one priority


  11. The public has no idea what nurses entrusted with their care has to contend with on a daily basis . The nurse association of Jamaica is the body that are supposed to take keen interest in the well being of the nurses but at times it is evident that that interest is not forthcoming . The nurses are over worked and overburdened with responsibility based on the current deplorable state of our health care system . I am speaking from experiences….as a porter who use to work in the A&E departments at the university hospital of the West Indies I have seen offhand how disrespectful the managers of the department can be to the nurses ..especially one in particular who use to run a tuck shop in the department . As a person who has actually seen her disrespect to the nurses on so many occasion , My opinion is That lady should never have had a position of responsibility in that department based on how badly she treats the nurses . To me she is one of those persons who position has gotten to her head . It is No wonder that we are loosing so many of our good nurses to institutions abroad but how I have seen these managers in the A& E department treat the nurses I am not surprised…….they treat the nurses as filth My opinion is that check and balance should be the order of the day for the smooth running of any institutions , especially a health care facitity so as to curtail the callus behaviours of some of these so called managers . I was a bit surprised of what I had witnesses especially what I see what these nurses have to go through with patient care on a daily basis. The nurses association need to intervene on behalf of these nurses and hold these managers accountable for their demotivated and disrectful action towards them. I am not against women being in responsible position but from what I have witnessed during my short stint working at the UHWI , I would rather to be unemployed then put up with what I have seen some of these hardworking nurses put up with from those egoistic manager who to me possesses no empathy at all .

  12. The Nurse who gave the Sharpee Vaccine, was not the manufacturer and should not be blamed! She, had no knowledge of what effect it would have on People; except to help prevent the contraction of COVID-19. Vaccines, are experimental drugs, some will be compatible with most People while others will be compatible with just half that many. People will develop resistance to some drugs, which is unavoidable and unfortunate. It's all a help to sustaining life, take it or leave it, there's still a risk! Let us support the NURSES who are the frontline workers of this Pandemic not critize them. Give them your support and help, not condemnation. 🤫✌️🚑🇯🇲

  13. That's all u people can focus on u people need to go look for guns how they coming in the island u all make no sense

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