PUTIN Issued Arrest Warrant & Declared "WAR CRIMINAL" By ICC

The Dive with Jackson Hinkle: PUTIN Issued Arrest Warrant & Declared “WAR CRIMINAL” By ICC

From: The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

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PUTIN Arrest Warrant & Declared “WAR CRIMINAL” By ICC

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Source: PUTIN Issued Arrest Warrant & Declared “WAR CRIMINAL” By ICC

35 thoughts on “The Dive with Jackson Hinkle: PUTIN Issued Arrest Warrant & Declared “WAR CRIMINAL” By ICC

  1. The greatest announcement in 21st century. Russia has defeated the West and its leader Vladimir Putin is the HERO.

  2. Слава великой России! ❣🙏🏻💥💦❣💥💥ZZZZZZZ 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  3. Did you know that the day prior to ICC the brother of the main judge who eventually issued the order to arrest Putin had been released from prison and freed on the changes of pedophilia?!?!? A day prior! That's the point. He issues ICC arrest, his brother isn't a pedophile any more.

  4. Vladimir Putin kote FBI paw? Se chache kote Hillary and bill Clinton rete epi eklate yo. Se enemi le monde yo ye. Tout ameriken supoze persona non grata worldwide.paki te fatra moun sa yo rantre nn peyi nou

  5. You know who also gets these moments of lucidity? Death row prisoners and OAPs lol.

    Leave Abby alone btw😏

  6. Could The ICC not find Blair, Boris, Bush, kissinger, trump, Victoria, biden, obama. The bloody ICCis an insult to The human race. Another tool of The west and USA. Not surprising its based in The Netherland.ever mind magdeline and colin are rotting in HELL!

  7. the publicity stunt you just pulled was way tp fuc king obvious as if you got disconnected then to only say it was your internet… you tried to make your live intertaining and it you wanted to pull a hoax only to say later annnoune that it was was your internet connection…. let me tell the viewers that 1. Indonasia has one of the fastest internet speeds 2. You being claiming on being on the Ukrainian 'Kill-list" and then proceed to tell viewers your exact location knowing how ukraine and other western intel agencies could wipe your as s out anytime in indonasia, because it would be the easiest way for them to do so in a foreigne place like indonasia 3. You've been exposed jackson, your doing this for one reason and that reason i will expose in your next live session with proof.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkhiuqRhs4w... US threatens ICC judges, proving the ICC is another lapdog of the US.

  9. Jackson when the dollar is threatened people will think critically because right now banks collapse due to that, it's a forced critical thinking on your population by the rest of the world…

  10. WAIT! Doesn't the USA keep luring Mexican children into the USA to help them escape the dangers in Mexico?????? Arrest warrants for all homeland agents might be coming from the ICC.

  11. The ICC is a western led international Mafia organisation established to marginalise the leaders of countries that do not agree with neo-liberal values and policies of the west. I feel sorry for leaders of Africa and South America who signed the agreement with the devil(ICC).

  12. Russia is the only country that has ever evacuated civillians included children from a war zone and get issued a arrest warrant by the so called ICC . The countries that leave civillians in the war zone and eventually kill them during many bombing raids get elevated as human rights protectors. We are living in a world where right is wrong and wrong is right. Assange along with Bradley Manning expose war crime in Iraq, but instead of bringing the perpetrators of the crimes to justice , it was the ones that expose the crime that was brought before the court and is been persecuted at this very moment.

  13. USA: “pUtiN bRouGhT eThniC rUsSiAn cHilDreN in DoNbAsS tO rUsSiA! 😭 iT’s a wAr cRiMe.”

    Meanwhile, the USA – after the defeat in Vietnam War – kidnapped thousands of Vietnamese babies and sent them to the U.S., Canada, France, West Germany and Australia!

    “Operation Babylift”…

  14. Clinton, Obama and Bush invaded 9 countries, killed 11 million civilians and no ICC charge? Lol so much for credibility.

  15. Looks like its a really " BIG DIVE" for PUTIN 🤡 🇷🇺 …🇺🇦💪🇺🇦👍🇺🇦🔱

  16. A kangourou Court why they didn t apply Minsk accord why don t accuse zelensky of war crime for killing its own people and don t have sign peace treaty last year,as he was forced by the west to don t make peace,why don t accuse zelensky of using ear crime for using chemical weapon

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