The Logan/BananaRama Scam… let's stop spam channels – Scam Video

The Logan/BananaRama Scam... let

From: Premium Aphid

The Logan Scam and now BananaRama… let’s stop spam channels. Other spam/scam channels that have been from these people would be tom, tim, tem, calls, and logan being the most recent. I think they are separate from trap town or trap drip. Scam channels are everywhere, spam is everywhere but youtube won’t help. New name Lieutenant Kiwiz or harmony.

HOW TO BLOCK SCAMMERS: Open up youtube studio, go to settings. Now go to community and paste the link of the channel you would like to block in the “hidden users” box. Done

BananaRama –
New Account Vakzy –
Commenting Logan –
Logan Main – https: V//
Their Discord –

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Source: The Logan/BananaRama Scam… let's stop spam channels

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