Jordan Peterson Has A New Scam

The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder: Jordan Peterson Has A New Scam

From: The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

Jordan Peterson says that he is currently working on a program to put academic testing on the blockchain. That way, Peterson says, the tests can’t be “…mucked about with by administrators.”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
Matt Binder DOOMED
Brandon Sutton THE DISCOURSE
Emma Vigeland ESVN

Source: Jordan Peterson Has A New Scam

19 thoughts on “The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder: Jordan Peterson Has A New Scam

  1. I am a history instructor in college, and I just changed all my classes from the traditional quiz/test/research paper model to a completely new model where I only ask for various types of written responses. I think the two most important benefits of these changes is 1) it has curtailed cheating almost entirely (I don't care how many questions you have, if it's multiple choice people will cheat), and 2) I would say my students used to maybe learn a few things with the old model, now they are basically forced to learn the content to pass the class. Traditional ways of assessing knowledge, aptitude, and critical thinking are terrible and need to be completely done away with, not doubled down on.

  2. Sam, you lost all my respect after this video. Making fun of someone’s voice is unacceptable. Regardless of the person’s political or religious views. You’d make a great bully at a highschool. Shame on you.

  3. We really are wasting our time with these idiots. Let's talk about real ways to get education right and fix the mess that the current system of western governance globally is creating.

  4. This new grift by JP reminds me of the SNL skit with Adam driver where he attends a confederate sympathizer’s club meeting and identifies that the all white utopia that they seek is Vermont. I find it remarkable that by just restating how computer based adaptive testing that has been around since 1999, JP can sound intelligent to his moron worshipers.

  5. YouTube’s algorithms are obsessed with Jordan. I don’t get why. He’s just another grifter charlatan trying to take advantage of desperate guys who strike out with women.

  6. Your Peterson impression is pretty on point but you need to over pronounce the “o” sounds more like he does.

  7. This is nothing new. U.K. construction industry already has online tests like this for H&S qualifications. U.K. Universities moved to online testing during Covid. I interviewed a graduate last week who was complaining that the move made the course easier to pass.

  8. Peterson wants to "steal the accreditation away from the universities", but one of the most important uses of the accreditation is when applying for further study (such as at law school), or for a higher degree at those very universities. I'm pretty sure those universities aren't going to recognize accreditation under Peterson's scam.

    More importantly, they would be right not to do so. The most important thing you learn in a degree is not a body of knowledge, but methods or rational thought and analysis that allow you to critically assess potential sources of knowledge. An accreditation such as Peterson's proposal misses the most important role of education. A massive multiple choice test may be a suitable test of effective indoctrination – but could never be an effective test of education.

  9. There's no evidence to suggest Peterson doesn't pay the Daily Wire for the privilege of being published.

  10. I was recently recently in a psych-related graduate program, and I'm probably biased as a quantitative methodologist, but it's hard to believe given what psych students learn today that Peterson is able to be so ignorant on this subject.

  11. Sam shows his true colours at the end of that video by saying he wishes he could have been in on it the truth is his very jealous of the money that people like Steven Crowder and Jordan Peterson make he always talks about them and they're finances lol it's almost like he's obsessed with right wing people that make more money that he does lol

  12. what are you mad about ? you think he is the fake online educator we should all be worried about ? astonishing

  13. It’s easy to see when Jim Jordan Peterson tries a new fake story. He starts playing air accordion, just like Trump.

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