Faces of Meth:  Shocking mugshot photos show toll of drugs...

The Mirror: Faces of Meth: Shocking mugshot photos show toll of drugs and alcohol on US criminals

From: The Mirror

These harrowing images show the shocking toll drugs and alcohol usage takes over time.

The mugshots, released by police in Portland, Oregon, show the same suspects in pairs of photographs taken months or years apart.

And the terrible toll the suspects’ addictions to alcohol or drugs has taken is clear to see in the later pictures on to the right hand side.

While the left-hand pictures were not taken before the person started using drink and drugs, they aim to show the terrible slide into addiction and its effect on the body over months or years.

All the photos were released by Multnomah Sheriff’s Office in Oregon state as part of anti drink and drugs initiative.

They are now being used as part of education programme ‘From Drugs To Mugs’, designed to be used in classrooms to warn youngsters of substance abuse.

Containing 20 sets of mugshots in total it also includes interviews with special agent from the US Drugs Enforcement Agency and an addiction recovery specialist.

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Source: Faces of Meth: Shocking mugshot photos show toll of drugs and alcohol on US criminals

46 thoughts on “The Mirror: Faces of Meth: Shocking mugshot photos show toll of drugs and alcohol on US criminals

  1. Why is their skin so messed up? Is it a direct effect of the meth or infection due to no real personal hygiene?

  2. but for the GRACE OF GOD, there go I….i'm an recovering addict, i never did Meth…thank god…i sure hope these people got the help they needed to get well 😢🙏

  3. Let's not see them as drug addicts but rather people with undiagnosed mental/physical conditions that they unknowingly tried to treat using a very dangerous drug. I hope every addict gets rid of their addiction and gets to experience true happiness in life.

  4. This is so sad. Basing on this pictures alone, I didn't feel anger but sympathy… unless they've done cruel things related to drugs.

  5. 👆👆This user name above has done a great thing in my life and my family thanks for your effort I recommend you guys work with him

  6. This user name above has done a great thing in my life and my family thanks for your effort I recommend you guys work with him

  7. It's bad enough these scum ruin their own lives, but they think the lives of everyone they come in contact with. They should be arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death.

  8. Had to have known what Meth does to a body. Seeing what drugs do to a person was enough keep me away from drugs. Plus..to damn poor😏

  9. Most of the pics are unrelated and show different people. Shame on you for onlining this. Very dishonest. What remains: A terrible fate for those suffering from the addiction.

  10. This is what I look like after I got sick with my stupid ass disease…. No joke… I’ve never done drugs, alcohol, or smoked in my life, but I got sick at young age cause of stress..

  11. Shit like this doesn’t do anything to actually help solve the problem. It’s for shock value, scaremongering, perpetuating stereotypes and nothing else. We don’t know anything about these people other than they abuse methamphetamine. We don’t know what their oral health or overall hygiene was like prior to/while abusing drugs. We don’t know if they have any chronic illnesses, or if they are poly-substance abusers, cigarette smokers, heavy drinkers, soda drinkers, junk eaters, or sunbathers. Any one of these things alone can negatively affect a person’s physical appearance over time, and even more so when combined. I think that most of these people have had way more problems than just a meth addiction.

  12. They all bad person.. because they do something bad to others… it's a lesson… Do good things and be responsible citizen

  13. What a terrifying substance. While having sex your brains dopamine levels increase by 200 units during an orgasm. One hit from this and it boosts up to 1500 dopamine units. Absolutely insane.

  14. Gross. Good to see my hard earned tax dollars are going to house low-life pieces of shit that can't get their act together.

  15. That fourth guy though, he looks like he aged a hundred years in three. How did his face get all scrunched up like that in three years? Because meth is the worst drug on the planet. It has all kinds of chemicals and whatnot in it and people inject it right into their bloodstream. They don't even know what they are injecting. I had a good friend who became my roomate. She shot that shlt that up for years. She told me she had stopped. My first clue that she didn't stop is that every single day when I came home from work the furniture was rearranged. This happened every single day. She was very pretty woman but she started getting those sores on her face and overall she looked like death. I told her that she was ugly. That worked wonders. If she didn't stop completely she drastically reduced the amount because the sores went away and we lived with the furniture the way it was the last time she rearranged it. You can only rearrange furniture in an apartment so many ways anyway..

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